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Saturday, July 2, 2011

VSG Surgery: Hash Browns and Pantries

Sans Script Saturday
Spaghetti squash hash browns
FYI, I just found my quinoa pasta after looking at this pic-lower right corner
Any recipe ideas taking a peek at some of my stuff?


  1. I glanced at the link on twitter and thought "wait .. hash browns and panties? What do hash browns and panties have to do with each other?"

    Reading are my first language.

  2. quinoa, spinach, feta and sundried tomatoes is a favorite here. Also with goat cheese. Yummmm

  3. I thought the same thing Kate...LOL!

  4. You're so organized! I'd be to embarrassed to show anyone my pantries or fridge! Well, unless my autistic son had just organized it all!

  5. And nothing says Texas like "Ranch Style Beans!"

  6. @Kate and @DeannaI had to double check and make sure that I DIDN'T write panties. lol

    @vsgmom Sundried tomatoes are the BEST. We keep thosein the house, too.

    @The Bipolar Diva I just knew that it would take somebody from TX to understand the epicness of Ranch Style beans. lol

  7. Kate & Deannal I did the exact same thing. Glad to know that it wasn't just ME. ;-)

    Let's see, you've got enough stuff in there for some crockpot chili...except that it is the middle of July and that always sounds SO much better in the middle of January. Sigh.

  8. Omelet topped with chili? Ranch style beans? I got nothin.

  9. gimme some stinky beans and chili...(JK)


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