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Thursday, July 7, 2011

VSG Surgery: Isopure Smoothie Review

"Damn, I'd pay money for this!" PT exclaimed after his first sip of the Berry Pomegranate smoothie. "This is absolutely the best product you've reviewed." "Let me see," I replied as I quickly snatched the cup from his hand. "Oh shit, this is really good!"
And that how my first experience with Isopure smoothies played out-with a bang and an expletive! Not unlike the first time PT introduced me to his mother. "Ay Dios mio, muchacho!"

That bottle is LONG gone. I weep for it every morning.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I still think that a protein supplement product's gotta taste like discarded cow parts. In the not too distant past, they DID taste like that. Isopure hit warp speed and pulled WHEY away from the rest of the pack with these futuristically awesome smoothies! This is some 2020 type ish right here.

The smoothies come in 3 flavors-Berry Pomegranate, Orange Peach, and Orange Berry each made with real fruit puree. For the review though, I'm gonna base my nutrition stats on the Orange Peach because that's the bottle I have sitting in front of me as I type this.

Lets start with the facts:
It is packed with 32 grams of PROTEIN!
Real fruit puree is one of the top three ingredients right after filtered water and whey.
210 Calories
9g of sugar
3g of fiber
Aspartame free.
Lactose Free.
Great source of Omega-3's

Now here's where my 2 cents kicks in.
This stuff is really, really, good. It's light with a pronounced peach flavor and a slight yogurt tang. I don't really taste a lot of the orange, but that's not really a plus or a negative. One thing I don't taste is the protein. That assy bovine essence that lurks in other shakes/supplements isn't here at all!! This smoothie tastes like it's populated with baby angel cows. It's that light and delicious! For the record, baby angel cows taste like sunshine and what could only be described as "winning".
The peach smell,which hit me square in the nose, is pleasant and not artificial at all. In fact I'm sitting here sniffing the empty bottle as I write this, inhaling the bereaved memories of this beloved smoothie that is very likely R.I.P-ing in my duodenum right now. Ahhhh.

There really is no point for me to do individual reviews on Berry Pomegranate or Orange Berry, cause there is nothing I can say about them that hasn't already been said about Orange Peach. They're all FANTASTIC! My favorite is Berry Pomegranate, but do not despair Orange Peach and Orange Berry. This is the Protein Supplement Olympics and you're taking silver and bronze! This stuff is the best of the best. Thanks for sending these out Isopure, I am officially in love.


  1. What's the carb count on those? Is one bottle one serving?


  2. Berry Pomegranate was my fave too...

  3. @southersleever yeah, a serving is one bottle. 14 carbs per bottle.

    @bbm Girl, they were something fierce! I'd take any of them any day of the week though.

  4. I want to try these -- they're so expensive I've been reluctant, but I tried some of their mango peach powder and OMG.

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