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Monday, July 11, 2011

VSG surgery: Sweet and Sow-er

Nojo- the opposite of mojo.

I just made that word up and I'm claiming it. If you see anyone using nojo in the aforementioned context immediately issue a cease and desist order, buss them in the head with a mallet, and then call me so I can send in my team of goons to finish up the job. Other words on the cease and desist list are murdalize and confusterated so keeps yo eyeses peeled for other unauthorized usages of my verbage.

Nojo is running its course through my body right now, meandering like a wayward spirit. By now, it has probably run into that glass of prosecco that I had yesterday and the slice-n-bake cookies.....with aerosol frosting.
Oh yeah Cheez-its, be sure to formally introduce yourself when Nojo passes you by. A curtsey would be nice should you have the energy to muster up one.
Little Bit of Extra Weight, could you be a dear please and lay out a spread of carby, processed sweets for our visitor? No? You feel fat and sluggish, you say.....*sigh*.. Me, too. But I know what will make me feel better, Little Bit. You want in on my secret? Ok, I'll tell you...Donut holes. You know, the hair of the dog that bit you kind of thing.
What do you mean that doesn't make sense. That does make sense. I feel fat and sluggish, so stuffing myself with a few donut holes will make me feel better...Okay 4 donut holes...Wait 8....Shit! The bag is gone.
Oh well, I feel better. See I told you. You're not sentient in the first place, so you can't make sense.......Wait. Something is happening. No I don't feel better. I felt better. I feel fat-er and sluggish-er and nojo-er and sow-er.....*double sigh*

I gotta shake this.
I'm finna go to the gym.


  1. Wow, even with your cute personality behind it, I felt every word. I know this, I feel this and thank you for posting it. <3

  2. Uh yeah. Totally been here more times than I can count!

  3. Make it stop!! I feel it too. Time to go back to work. Been snacking way too much!!

  4. bite me and your nojo! It bit me in the ass last week, and I have a nojo hangover! That nojo is clinging to my ankles and holding me down like the souls of Hades! Trying to keep me down! Gimme some espresso and get out my way!
    PS: I'm stealing your damn verbage, cause you don't got the mojo to come after my ass!

  5. holy hostess cupcake, waning woman! Right there with you. I have too far to go to nut up now. Thank you.

  6. WLS or not, EVERYONE feels like this at some point. Dang nojo!!! Great post, lady. You are awesome. That is all.

  7. This has been my week to feel the nojo. And it's not like regular nojo, it's like a murdalizing nojo, a confusterated nojo.

    Don't you worry about me stealing your verbage though. I'm the type of woman who gets bothered by the red squiggly line that appears under misspelled words. Besides, its way more rewarding to hear you say them in real life. lol

  8. @chrissy thank you

    @shanasparkles I just want it to go away!

    @mlstjohn34 Hopefully your snacks have been good snacks. mine have been horrible

    @vsgmom you better be glad your out of range right now. lol

    @angel thanks for keeping ME motivated

    @eve I guess my nojo isn't so bad that I can't still blog. I should be happy about that

    @bbm lmao at confusterated mojo. I think you are a bit touched, my dear

  9. @Leza Its great to have a new face around here. I love your comments


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