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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fasting and Ramadan

I've had an interesting week. Today marks the first full week of Ramadan and somehow, even with my altered anatomy, I've managed to make it through without collapsing in a dessicated, hypogylcemic heap of stinky breath, dry skin flakes, hunger pangs and stilettos. Shoes are always
important whether its Ramadan, Lent, Yom Kippur, or National Cake Day.

Traditionally you have no food or water from sunrise to sunset. The problem is, my sleeve will not allow me to get in enough water during those hours for me to not be dehydrated. Ramadan is a time of reflection and enlightenment, not one of ambulance rides and frantic 911 calls. I trust that he doesn't want me to end up in a hospital getting an iv from what would hopefully be a very hot, male nurse. He just doesn't want that, and there is no way that you can make me believe that he does. Besides, when the prescription of fasting was given, there was NO SUCH THING as a person who was so fat that they had to get most of their stomach removed just to live. That simply did not exist. He wants us to think. I think the I need water during the day.

I am not a Muslim, but I respect Muhammad as a true prophet of God and I think that fasting, when done with the right intentions, can be very beneficial. Besides, there can,t be anything wrong with it if all three of the biggest religions prescribe it. I found this as I was doing a little research for this post

The benefit of Ramadan does not have to be limited solely to those who declare themselves to be Muslims, the principles can bring good to anyone who would follow these divine dictates. Ramadan makes allowances for the sick and those who are on a journey, so those who suffer from ailments can make wise choices and still follow what Allah (God) has ordained.
So that is why my pork chop eating, margarita drinking, Church of Christ raised, pig tail cooking, self does it.

Well, I was gonna blog a little bit more about how I have been feeling physically, but that will just have to wait until tomorrow. I did something to my keyboard and now stuff is in all of the wrong places so i gotta figure it out.There is only so many times you will accept a comma as an apostrophe.
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  1. Darlin I just finished a week of fasting myself. Mine is different where I can eat just no meat eggs or fish and no alcohol or hanky panky. And you know what happens everytime I finish a week's fast? I find I've gained 5lbs. :( kinda sucks out the happy feeling of getting through a week.

  2. I think God and Muhammad will be OK with a few changes so you still take care of yourself :D

    Loved this post. I enjoy learning about all of the religions and practices.
    Also, it is sound advice for how to practice responsibly in relation to rerouted innards.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I've had vsg 2 weeks ago and this is the 3rd day of Ramadan and I'm fasting so far everything's been good :). Are you gonna be fasting this year too :P?

  5. yes, I'm fasting again this year and its going well. Because you're SO new with the sleeve, you will have more difficulty than I will getting your water in. Make doubly sure that you're getting your water, please, please, please. Other than that, be safe, be healthy, and be blessed.


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