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Friday, September 16, 2011

Seatbelts and Airplanes

This is short and sweet! I had a great time in New Orleans. I'll tell you more about it on Monday, but I just had to share this pic with you now. I couldn't wait.

my legs look skinny. hmmm.

You see all of that slack in that seatbelt?!

That is WINNING!

I don't really need to say anything else.


  1. That is absolutely, totally winning! Good for you!!

  2. They need to make a "Like" button here! WINNING!! :)

  3. Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words!

  4. That was my wls win too!! Not having to ask for that damn extender made my life!!!

  5. awesome! I experienced the same thing when traveling for my honeymoon in june!


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