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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Charges and Chirruns

   It's been a while since I've blogged and I hope that you guys don't feel neglected. I've still got a touch of the nojo and there are a lot of things swirling on around me. Some are good, some are neutral, some are horrible, some are new, some are ongoing but it's just life. I am proud to say that I am doing incredibly well with my weight, though.

Let's just get the horrible out of the way. My best friend/sister, Headlights, is in the middle of a life altering health crisis and I've been spending lots of time at doctor's appointments and I will be doing so for the foreseeable future. That's all I care to speak on the matter.

The good? I've been working on these new connections that I made at the Obesity Help conference in Nola, and in addition to that, I'm supposed to be revamping my blog. The truth of it is I am absolutely petrified into inaction. I am so flummoxed by the number of design choices that it makes me just stop after about 15 minutes. Anybody with design expertise care to help?

Here is the biggest thing going on in my life. The enormously, enormous, enormity is my new charge. Charge? "What kind of charge?" you ask. Well, lets look at the possibilities.

Maybe you're thinking I finally kidnapped that Ethiopian woman I've been stalking. Never having to leave my house for Ethiopian food again is worth having to pee in a cup at a probation office and registering as an offender.

Petty larceny? Possibly ...FYI- Obesity Help, don't count the tshirts that you have left over from the Nola event and don't check Ebay. Word on the street is there are some bedazzled shirts on the market with your logo being sold by WinningWoman for 49.99 a pop. Don't check. I told you. Ignorance is bliss.

Maybe my bad habit of snatching cupcakes from strangers finally caught up with me. I'm like the best NYC purse bandit you've ever seen, except it's cupcakes instead of Coach bags.

Shockingly enough, my miscreant lifestyle hasn't caught up with me. The charge to which I am referring, is in the most British of charges...a new freaking kid!!! I am the "in loco parentis" with guardianship rights equal to a parent. Haha...loco...I think I switched the language from Latin to Spanish.

Her guardian is a brother to me and when he asked if I would keep her if he got deployed to Afghanistan, there wasn't even any hesitation on my part. He got the orders and I got a 12 year old daughter for the school year, Missy.

My life has radically changed in the past 6 weeks, but you know what? I already cannot imagine her not being here. I have far less time to sit around on my ass, but I don't want to. Having a 12 year old girl in the house, makes me want to be a better woman. I need to model myself in a manner that I would be happy for her to emulate. I'm neater, more prompt, more domestic, more patient.. I actually didn't know that these qualities were in me, but they've surfaced with no resistance. Hmm. Who knew?

Anyway, I was just giving you guys a heads up as to what's going on in my life and why I haven't been around as much. Once I get settled into our new routine, hopefully you'll be seeing more of me :)
Random pic The Kid took

Oh yeah, I'm having a fan appreciation giveaway on the Waning Woman FB fan page, so comment on the thread for your chance to enter. You can comment on yesterdays thread and Friday's, too if you want.


  1. I'm stoked for your new design but so sorry for your friend. I know how hard that is, but she couldn't ask for a truer friend than you. Just as little Missy couldn't ask for a better guardian. Your brother can rest easy knowing she is with you.

    Don't let the whispers in the back of your head lie to you, you got this. You got this.

  2. Ups and downs of life, oh my. I am sorry to hear about your friend and I hope that she gets some good news very soon.

    Enjoy having a new face around the house!

  3. i agree with Chrissy, you got this! we'll be here when u get back. hugs!

  4. You're in an admirable position. I'm proud of you.


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