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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dallas Hot Chocolate 15k/5k

No, that's not my pseudonym on or the amount I charge for 15 or 5 minute girlfriend experience. No the real, even more unbelievable answer is that is the name of  a 5k that I did on Saturday morning!!!
Working out is one thing, giving people my hard earned money to go run in the cold is quite another. It was cold, and miserable, and you know what? I had an absolutely fantastic time with my friends. I would have never signed up for this of my own volition. Peer pressure isn't always a bad thing.
I'm a ninjeskimo. I'm not to be played with.

So I woke up at Godknowwhen o'clock and rode up to meet, Michelle at the DART station so that we could ride in together. That was an experience in itself. The last time I was on public transportation was well into the Antebamam period (look that up in the Waning Woman Komplete Kompendium of Pseudohistorical eras) and I was living in Washington Heights.
Miraculously, we made it to Fairpark unscathed, and met up with Angela and Shana.
To make a long story, really short, Michelle kicked ass with her best 5k time ever!!!!! Shana beat my ass, and Angela rajalked (run/jog/walked) with my ass. It was great crossing the finish line and having my people there to cheer me on. I love these guys.


Michelle. This woman makes me want to do better :)
It's my girls. I totally heart them. Angela's in the white.
This experience was incredibly amazing and I'm a loss for words. I was floating on cloud 536 ( up where the flying saucers are. That's waaay past 9) all weekend long.

I'll be doing it again.


  1. You are the bomb!! You epitomize Hot Chocolate!!

  2. CONGRATS! BTW, that is an odd name for the race isn't it? Sounds like the friends made it fun!!!

  3. 5ks are always fun. Great for comeraderie. I myself have been getting interested in doing obstacle 5ks. You should check out warrior dash as that is a good 5k with obstacles. I volunteered at the one down here this year.

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