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Monday, March 26, 2012

Giving up for Lent

Sooo this year I didn't make a firm commitment to give up anything for Lent. Kinda looks like I gave up blogging though.
First and foremost, my netbook was MIA for a little over a week. Once I called in the rescue team and got my netbook, my netbook's power cord came up missing. After the power cord was reacquired, I got mired in a maelstrom of bullshit.  For a little over a week, it was like I was stuck in the pages of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. That's not a book you wanna be in. The Kama Sutra, now that is the winningest book I can think of. I wonder how you translate "Reverse Cowgirl" into Sanskrit?

Anyway, things are better.

Remember that giveaway that I did last month? Yeah...that one....the yogurt one. Well there actually was a winner. One of my newest commenters, Dirk, will be receiving the snazzy neon green lunchbox/shoe carrier/cupcake holder/wet wipe stasher/secret keeper. I whisper into mine every morning and then quickly zip up and stash away the dirty darkness of my mind. Damn, I just looked back and that's a lotta slashes. I haven't used this many slashes since my Slash Boots!

In other news, Bessie is sick . Apparently she has an acute cause of hypothyroidism cause the last time I got on her 'LOW" flashed across her face. So the daily weigher has not weighed herself in over a week. I feel good though and there aren't any crazy, fun house mirror antics going on with me. The last time I did weigh, which was after a week of not weighing, I was pleasantly surprised with the number that popped up. This isn't a lifestyle change though because I will be doing one of three things and I'll be weighing again.
a) taking Bessie to see a specialist
b) if that doesn't work and she dies, I have special powder I can sprinkle on her and bring her back to life. Its a patented and proprietary blend containing, among other things, freeze dried, pulverized morning slobber
c) if that doesn't work and she goes all Walking Dead on me and tries to eat the soles of my feet and my pedicured piggies, I'll just have to buy Bessie part Trois.
three pretty cupcakes picture
The Kim K of cupcakes. Pretty on the outside, dry, boring, and probably more interesting if pissed on.
I didn't really have any reason to use this picture of theses cupcakes other than it was in my phone and its a picture of cupcakes. They were awful, but a picture of an awful cupcake looks just as good as a picture of a good one. I'm just saying.

Anyway, I am hostage hungry and I need to go fill this empty in my belly with some food, so I'm out like old lightbulbs and bull balls.


  1. I'm glad to see that your back to blogging and thank the recovery team for reacquiring your netbook...Now, to the books you mentioned...Lemony Snicket has some messed up stuff in it but I will say that the Kama Sutra is a mind tease...Gets all the juices flowing..


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