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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I can wear my presurgery clothes. How they fit is another story

    How are yall doing today. I am having the best day ever. Like SERIOUSLY!!! I slept good, Miss E missed the bus and I didn't even act up about it, went to the gym and had an incredible workout, told a weirdo to "fuck off" without feeling bad about it or letting it piss me off. Nothing is going to ruin my high. I'm walking on sunshine, yall. Not even this malfunctioning "n" key on my netbook is bothering me. FYI, if you ask me to do something dirty and I reply "o", that is not an excited affirmation-my keyboard is jacked up.
Anyway, don't forget to enter the Lactose Free Yoplait Giveaway here. Winner chosen Monday.

This was supposed to be yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post, but I ended up having to take my little cousin to the doctor. So here ya go.

The clothes I wore the day of my consultation.
What I have on right now.


  1. Wow, you go girl! I don't know about you, but I have noticed how much better sex is after a weight loss. Increased flexibility, etc....

    1. Well thank you for your encouragement! I agree better physical health and stamina DOES carry over to all areas of life. :)

  2. Totally and utterly winning. You rock!!

  3. hey girl! great inspiration to get my butt in gear! thanks so much, you look awesome.

  4. Way, you always look fabulous, and those curves are killer!
    Vanita, I'm bout to check on ur progress now! =)

  5. A superb personal achievement! Way to go!


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