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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns Recipe

I used to love potatoes in my preop life. Scratch that. I used to "big puffy heart, I wanna marry, totally twitterpated, completely head over heels crazy" potatoes. And honestly, what's there not to love?
They can easily be the supporting actor of any meal or step up and take the starring role. They can be the Denzel of the dinner table or the "Oh that's his name"
You can fry them, bake them, roast them, cover them in cheese, au gratin them, fricasse them, rotisserie them. In fact, the only thing more cheap and versatile is a Swiss Army Knife on clearance at Thrift World.
Potatoes are nutritious and great in MODERATION, but the problem is, they're so faboosh, its hard to have them in moderation. There is nothing quite like potatoes and most substitutes are piss poor facsimiles of the real thing. But, I've come up with something that is truly almost as good as the real thing.- Spaghetti Squash Browns!
This is more a set of directions than a true recipe, but the outcome is pretty darn tasty.
You'll need a spaghetti squash, onion, beaten egg, oil, salt and pepper.
Cut the squash in half lengthwise, scoop out the insides and place on a microwave safe plate, facedown. Add a few tablespoons of water and cook on high for about 7 minutes until it goes from looking like it does on the left to the right.

Let the squash cool and then scoop it out. Mix the squash, salt and pepper, and about half of the egg mixture until it is thouroughly and evenly combined. Feel free to add minced onion to up the delicious quotient.

In a skillet over MEDIUM LOW HEAT heat a small amout of oil and add the spaghetti squash mixture and cook until golden brown on one side (make sure it has a good crust because it may fall apart) and then flip to the other.

 If it does fall apart, I promise you its still as delicious. Just tell people they're scattered ala Waffle House.
Easy, peasy delicious.


What are some easy, delicous recipes that you like?

Monday, April 16, 2012

How do you dress while losing weight?

    Last week was a great week. My weight is up, but for once I'm not really going all Rathlin Island banshee about it. I'm calm, cool, collected and just making plans to be more focused this week. It might sound corny, but the positive self talk challenge seems to really have made a difference.

Anyway, you've heard of a fashionista? What about a receissionista? Maybe you have. I bet you've never heard of a brokeass-ista. But alas, here I am taking broke fabulosity to unchartered heights! Going from "in the red" to red carpet ready takes a very pacific set o' skillz.....and intelligents. Let me learn you a little something.

First off, do not be discouraged if you don't immediately see your clothes falling off you right from the beginning. If you are anything like I was, your clothes are probably too tight in the first place and the initial weight you lost just made them fit like they were supposed to. I was a little over 40 lbs down before my pants were falling off.

While you're actively losing weight, don't spend a whole bunch of money on new threads. Lane Bryant has GREAT clearance racks and you can combine those with with cheques for even bigger savings. I never spent more than 25 dollars on any one thing as I was losing weight.
I also got really familiar with Goodwill, etc. I found several items with tags still on them. I specifically remember a pair of black, size 20 bermuda shorts that were too little when I bought them and just months later they were too big. For 3.50, I more than got my money's worth. I still like a good bargain and frequent thrift stores even though I'm not actively shrinking. I recently went thrifting and found these two awesome skirts for 3 bucks a piece.
Making 3 dollars look good one skirt at a time!

Doing it again.

Pre weight loss surgery, I remember trying to buy the smallest size I could wedge myself into. That wasn't necessarily the best idea cause if they were already fitting like paint all it would take was a few more pounds for me to be looking like a busted paint can-spilling out of the sides and ruining the linoleum. But when you're in your active losing phase (especially the first 6 months) its not a bad idea to buy something that just fits or even one size down. Just don't forget that its in your closet cause you'll pull it out a few months later and it will be too big :)

I have a love affair with Lycra, aka Spandex, aka Magic on a Bolt. It loves me and I love it back, baby.  It hugs where it needs to hug and gives where it needs to give. A relationship can't work if it's too clingy. I have a pair of tights that I bought some 60 lbs ago and I can still wear them. They don't fit like they did 60 pounds ago, but they're one of two things that I can still wear.
 Some women hate tights and think that they should be banished from a proper wardrobe. I am SO not that woman. About the only place that tights don't have a place is church. I think you should even wear them to job interviews and if they judge you based on your fashion sense, well, you didn't need to work there anyway.To hell with working at all PERIOD. You can do like I do and sell pictures of yourself in tights to rich Europeans. Business is a little lethargic AND my only client is a low ranking Baronet in exile in the Caucasus mountains AND lately he's been a little slow on the paypal AND even though I've been sending him pictures on credit he SWEARS that his Nigerian Jeeves has a millionaire uncle and I will be getting my money AND damn it I love run on sentences.

$ Ching! $

What are some clothing tips that helped you during weight loss?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Positive Self Talk Challenge.

  I didn't expect to be blogging again today, but something happened this morning that completely changed my plans.
Yesterday's post wasn't necessarily the easiest to write. Baring one's emotions isn't an easy feat. I could have blogged about how fantastic this weekend was ( and I still might) but something was pressing on me to tell the uncomfortable truth about my feelings on Monday. So I did.
And this morning, Amy Pedersen, co-owner and founder of Slimpressions, read my post..
And after she read my post, she contacted me on Facebook..
And after she contacted me on Facebook, we chatted..
She told me that my post had stirred something inside her and that she felt compelled to do something so she initiated the 7 Day Positive Self Talk Challenge.
....For ONE WEEK, seven short days, we challenge you to take the Positive Self Talk Challenge.  Shut down those negative thoughts by congnizantly replacing them with positive ones.
For the next week, your glass is half full, not half empty!  You are good enough!  You are beautiful inside and out!  You are smart, kind and important! (as we learned/saw in "The Help").  The scale does not define you!  You are one of a kind - special and unique.  You are worthy!
So for one week, we ( and by we I mean you too!) are going to override the doubt and negativity with affirmative thoughts.
You can post on the Slimpressions Facebook page
The Waning Woman Facebook page
or just comment on this post.

 You never know who's watching and you never know who's listening..... and you never know when positivity will spring forth from pain.

So will you join me?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Somebody killed my scale

  Well, in my last post, I was telling yall about how Bessie (my scale for those if you who don't know) was sick. Turns out, her injuries were not compatible with life. The magic, bring me back to life powder was just gonna make a mess, and since I'm the only one who sweeps around here, I decided to forgo the witchery. She went peacefully to great big Weight Watchers meeting in the sky, which is where all scales want to go, so here I am about to go get Bessie part trois.
Poor Bessie. Deader than disco
Anyway, for the first few weeks I was doing just fine without daily weighing. I was actually kinda proud of myself because I was on my Feel Good, Looking Good, Fuck My Weight, I'm Fabulous, shit. Yesterday though, I was beat down with the crazy stick and completely started freaking out about not weighing. On top of that, I've also not been going to the gym because my membership has expired. So that is potentially a recipe for Crazy Cacciatore Casserole.

But, I think that at least a small portion of my crazy is justified.

I weigh a LOT. Not frequency, but the actual amount that that I weigh. I'm not saying that I'm fat, and it's certainly not a judgement, it is a fact. I'm just barely into onederland and I'll never really be too far into it. A few weeks worth of bad decisions and I could easily see myself back over 200. Way too easily. Not that being over 200 makes me fat, either. It is just a number. But....
Nobody wants to gain weight, but when gaining weight moves you from the 1's to the 2's that is a lot harder pill to swallow. In my head, I know that there is really no difference between 199 and 200 numerically. Psychologically, it might as well be the Mariana Trench. 199 is in a tugboat puttering away on the surface of the Pacific Ocean and 200 is down in the trench with those weird ass, bug eyed, phosphorescent fish.

Yesterday,  like I said, I got hit with the Crazy Stick (which in nothing like the Magic Stick just in case you were wondering) I was just fine on Sunday, but yesterday I was convinced that I'd gained a ton of weight and that I was going to be over 200 lbs the next time I jumped on the scale. Once the thought was the sown, it easily took root and dominated my thought process like a creeping, parasitic plant-commandeering my neurons and thought pathways to send out it's own noxious, chemical signal.
 And because the eyes don't operate independently of the brain, they were affected too.
And my emotions...
And my sense of being in my body...

Logically I know that there is nothing that I could have done that could have changed me from Sunday to Monday, but these thoughts are like an ear worm times 20 and they override the logic pathways. I know its all in my head, but my head is the only one that I have. I can't pop in a brain with a better sense of perception when I have one of these days. It's a lot messier than I really want to deal with, and like I said, I'm the only one who sweeps around here. I'm just glad that these days don't happen too often.

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