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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Premier Protein Gift Box Giveaway

   Hey yall! Just a short little post to give you the news. I'm here to announce that one of my favorite companies is sponsoring an appreciation giveaway on my FB Fan page.
If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that I am a Premier Protein stan! (Eminem reference ftw) I love their chocolate and vanilla shakes, strawberry shakes, cookies, and not only are their products delicious, their customer care is top notch.
If you're a Waning Woman FB fan, you have a chance to win a gift pack with 4 protein shakes (2 chocolate, 2 vanilla), and 6 protein bars (2 flavors of each. flavor - double chocolate crunch, peanut butter crunch, and yogurt peanut butter)

Yours might be a little different, but the snazzy red paper will invariably be there!

Stay tuned for the official entry on the Waning Woman Fan Page on Monday and while you're at it, stop by Premier's Fan Page and tell them that Waning Woman sent you. Don't say anything, but a little birdie told me that if you're a fan of both pages you get an extra entry. Shhhhh. This is just between us :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Generic Prevacid/Lansoprazole and Happiness

   Hello, hello, hello guys! It's been a really long time and I'm going to try to do my damnedest to not let this much time elapse between blog posts. I miss yall. Did yall miss me?

I might as well fill y'all in since I was outed by Foursquare anydamnway. So, as of last week, I am the mayor of Texas Oncology, and when you become a mayor it blasts it on FB. Needless to say, I received a couple of questions in my inbox. I assure you that I am ok. I was going to appointments daily with a good friend of mine and that's why I haven't blogged in a while. The treatment process isn't completely over yet, but the daily 85 mile roundtrip is a thing of the past. Now that things are a little closer to normal, I hope that my life can return to a routine that involves both blogging AND exercise.

If you guys remember, hell if I remember, I was damn near crying because I couldn't find Prevacid anywhere. Miserable was an understatement. Well, it suddenly reappeared on the shelf at a Target near my good friend, Shawn, and she took time on her off day to bring it to me. I almost moved to tears by such a huge gesture of friendship. She got me a 42 day supply, so between that and the Protonix I jacked from that old lady's purse at the rehab facility (long story) I was set up for a while. Getting back on my meds has made an enormous difference in the quality of my life and I have more than accepted the fact that I will need to take them for the rest of my life....Unless the rest of my life is in a zombie apocalypse, which means there will be no more factory production, and thus no more Prevacid. I've SERIOUSLY thought about this and this scares the shit out of me-more than the zombies.
Anyway, I was at Walmart the other day trying to find some grapes and after walking the store we realized that we were in the only Walmart without a fresh produce section. Still in disbelief, I kept walking and walked smack dab into a display with generic Prevacid, lansoprazole. Its always been available prescription strength, but now its available over the counter!!! So not only is my medication available again, it is now available in a more affordable generic formulation which will work just as effectively as the name brand stuff. I'm happier than a mermaid with a bag full of sea cucumbers! Total insidesque reference.
Yeah, the only protein for that meal was in the cheese and bacon.

My birthday was weekend was everything you'd expect a Waning Woman birthday to be-plenty of sashaying, some heels, CAAAAAAKE, and a lot of fun. I rode a mechanical bull, two stepped, acted a fool at karaoke (thank you for an incredibly good time, you), partook in the best chili, cheese, bacon fries IN THE WHOLE FREAKING STATE OF TEXAS AND YES I'M YELLING! But it is certainly not too late for you to help me celebrate. If you've been a blog lurker for a while, go ahead and join Google Friend Connect over there on the right hand side. Also, like the Waning Woman Fan Page on Facebook. Come on out, there isn't really a whole bunch of bad stuff that can happen. I mean there is a very slim chance of anything happening. The onliest thing you might need to worry about because of association with Waning Woman are track suit wearing Russians who are just a wee bit pissed that I somebody intercepted a cake shipment intended for one of their daughters big fat Gypsy weddings. I  Somebody was very careful though and licked up all of the buttercream fingerprint evidence and everybody knows that the Russians are stuck in pre-OJ level forensics.

Well I'm going to get ready for a belated birthday lunch in my honor. I'm hooking up with Shana, Kaitlin, and Shawn for some Ethiopian deliciousness and then we're most likely gonna finish up with some cupcake carnage. Mmmmmm. Today is going to be a very good day. Just an extension of my weekend. :)


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