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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coffee after Weight Loss Surgery and Organo Gold Review

      STARBUUUUUUCKS!!!  (in my cake voice)

Post WLS coffee addiction obsession infatuation is alive, real, and kicking all the way down the street to it's first cup of the day. If you spend any amount of time around wlsers, you will see it.

I did a facebook post statistically correct, university funded, unbiased research study and found that the data does support my hypothesis that altered gut freaks are coffee freaks, too. And Greek yogurt freaks, but that's a whole nother post.

But I'm not a coffee freak. I'm a shoe freak, a cake freak, an EASY SLIDER TRUCK FREAK!!!!, a down and dirty, knee pads and.....hold up. I'm talking too much now (and sweating just a little bit in inappropriate places) Anyway, I'm not a coffee girl, so when my fellow WLS sister and crack coffee pusher, Jam Jackson, asked me to try out Organo Gold I was all like "I'm not one of those post ops" I might have a sip of coffee every couple of months or so, but she told me that they had green tea, hot chocolate, and other deliciousness in addition to coffee, so she sent me out a sample pack.
I'm not a big fan of stimulants and I have a tendency to hypochrondri-ize and anxiety-ize every heart flutter into a caffeine induced, full on, Redd Foxxesque heart attack. I'm fucking nuts. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that OrganoGold is low in caffeine. This coffee also has ganoderma, It's like an ancient Chinese secret with lots of health benefits. You can make your own judgement call on it. I know a lot about cupcakes, but very little about the Chinese and even less about their secrets.
The Hot Chocolate was really good. Even though it came out of a packet it tasted like there was a mini burner, a gallon of milk, and a grandma inside the package. The abuela even put a few drops of her special sweat inside!
The cafe mocha flavor was pretty good, too. The sweetness level was a little low so I added a little Splenda and it was just right. There was a slight herbal aftertaste, but it didn't really bother me. Keep in mind that I'm not a coffee connosieur and I probably can't tell the difference between Cafe Bustelo and the expensive shit that the civet poops out (pun TOOOTALLY intended), but it was good to my taste buds.

So why are so many post ops coffee nuts? In my educated, highly esteemed, universally regarded as true, opinion I think that there are several reasons why coffee is so popular in the wls community. Some are psychological and some are gustatory, but they make sense to ME. I'm just gonna tackle a couple.

A lot of obese people have food addictions. There is a big argument in the psychology world (and facebook too!) and some argue that most obese people are in fact NOT food addicts, but I know that there are a lot of current and former obese people who self identify as food addicts.
Weight loss surgery is surgery on your innards, NOT your brain and for some, the potential to develop cross addictions is very real. Once the ability consume food at will is impeded, there is a vacuum in the addictive/obsessive area of the brain. Coffee, more specifically caffeine, is the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug so it stands to reason that it could easily take the place of food. For the most part, it is a relatively mild addiction with few huge pitfalls for most. A meth addict will rob you blind, resort to acts of violence and sell their great grandmother's antiques in the pursuit of a fix. A coffee addict will only resort to acts of violence  might give you a vicious side eye and a "Leave me the fuck alone."

Once upon time I was Atkinsing and jonesing HARD for a hot chocolate. This was WAY before we had the awesome array of SF products that we have today, so I was sitting around like twiddling my thumbs. I decided to get up and walk to the bookstore and as I did, I passed a coffee cart. I said, "Self, coffee is warm, brown and with a couple of packets of  Equal and one of Sweet n Low, it just might hit the spot." And it did!
Just about all wlsers are watching calories, carbs, or both and coffee can be as calorie free and carb free as you want. Now that I think about it, You can gussy it up with Torani syrups, trick it out in the blender with a few cubes of ice, amp it up with a little protein powder. You can do just about anything you want to it, and it can still fit into just about any post op way of eating. There is nothing you can say about coffee that you can't say about me.
wls friendly?...check!
might burn you?...umm...."not really"check. I got that situation fixed up. Damn yard sale toys and Dollar Tree bleach.

Did you know that the Bible says the man is to brew the coffee? There is even a whole book of the Bible devoted to this – Hebrews.

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