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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Waning Woman's Organo Gold Coffee Giveaway

Just letting you know that on the Waning Woman Facebook Fan Page  there will be a giveaway of a sample pack of Organo Gold coffee so you need to make sure that you comment on the official entry thread for your chance to win.
Also, make doubly sure you stop by the sponsor's page, Best Cup of Coffee,  and like them for an extra chance to win! She is offering up a sample pack with  Noir, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, and Green Tea.

If you win, please be more excited about your coffee than this sad sack!

No tweeting, no linking, no nothing. Just comment on my fan page for your chance to enter.

Look for Sleevie Wonder in the upper left corner of the blog page for a link to my fan page and like me by golly. You should also follow me on Twitter, too. Email me, waningwoman@tie-me-up-spank-me-and-feed-me-CAKE!.com I'm all over them damn interwebz!

Sssshhh. Don't tell anybody, but if you comment on this post, you'll get an extra, extra, chance to win. I love my readers!



  1. Organo Gold advertises itself as a healthy alternative to the regular coffee based on the fact that their coffee is infused with the organic herb Ganoderma Lucidium.
    Organo Gold


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