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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Think that Today is Going to be a good One!

Today has started out really, really well. Yesterday I woke up ready to commit to making a new start-eating more fresh fruit and veggies, cutting out processed stuff, even heading back to the gym. I don't know what possessed me to wake up like that, but when you get bit by the bug, its best not to question it. I bought a TON of heathly foods for the week and I've vowed that no cupcake will cross my lips this week. I thought of the cupcake part just now as I was typing and it seems like a good idea. This will probably be the week that the International, Top Chef, Best in Show, Free Cupcake Conference comes to Dallas. My insides just wilted a little.....Oh well....
Well this is a bit of good news! I woke up this morning to find that I was nominated for Unsung Hero in WEGO's Heath Activist Awards.I'm surprised that I wasn't nominated for "Most Creative Use of a Lady-Boy's Crotch in a Blog Post, but this is SO awesome. There are lots of different categories so make sure to nominate YOUR favorite health activists. Shhh. I don't want to tell too many secrets, but Chrissy of SoManyWays.Net and is one of my nominees. Can you guess which category? I'm far from finished and keep in mind she is only one of the people that I have nominated. You  might be one, too. 
The reset is going well too. I had a protein shake for breakfast and I just finished up a lunch of lean ground beef seasoned with garlic and my special homemade Ethiopian spice mixture. I topped it off with sauteed onions and it was super delicious, super easy, and super inexpensive. Tonight's dinner is already in the works. Clearly I am VERY excited about this new burst of motivation. I am going to ride this bitch til the wheels fall off.....or she runs out of gas.....or a get I a speeding ticket.....and get handcuffed.....and get put in the back of a squad car....or a paddywagon cause that sounds better. Anyway, which ever is first.

I hope that you are finding your own mojo. Maybe it just might find you.


  1. EXCELLENT!! Just keep gettin' it done!!! Time will keep going by and you'll still be moving forward. Before you know it, you could have a bunch of new, very positive habits!

  2. Oh hey I was contacted that some moron nominated me for HILARIOUS health advocate. I don't know if it's a statement, somebody's sick sense of humor, or what but I asked to be removed from consideration.


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