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Monday, November 5, 2012

Which came first? Food or the food issue?

I was loved as a child.
There is no abuse or trauma in my history.
For the most part, I was well liked and had a happy childhood.

So how did I get to the point that my weight was so unmanageable that I needed weight loss surgery to find my authentic self again??

There is a prevailing thought in the weight loss surgery world that there has to be a root issue in the "Why" of obesity. Personally, I don't think that there necessarily is. Food in and of itself is the problem.

Let's say that you are absolutely in love with the Waning Woman Bakery's red velvet cupcakes. You swing by the bakery before work, on lunch, and even after work to get your fix. You don't know WHY you can't resist the siren song of buttery, sweet, goodness and after a while you start to feel bad about it. A couple of weeks later, you see Waning Woman plastered all of the local news because it's been discovered that she's putting crack into the cupcakes!! Lawd a mercy. How would you feel then? Outraged? You should because that is basically what has happened with all of the processed foods that we eat. Don't discount for a second that there are teams of food scientists terrorists whose sole job is to make the food that we eat as addictive as possible.
OOOHH! This crazy heffa been lacing the cupcakes! Y'all know imma be dressed just like that too.

Furthermore, humans are designed to seek food and store food as efficiently as possible. In the not so distant past, food was scarce. We spent most of our day just trying to acquire food. We had to hunt and gather and we were constantly burning calories just to acquire calories. In that environment it would make complete sense to eat and eat past the point of satiety.

The problem is, we no longer live in that environment. Our genes drive us to eat and seek food. We're really fucking good at it. Couple that with crackish frankenfoods, the artificially flavored, calorie dense stuff that is just a drive through away and you have a recipe for an obesity epidemic. This particular recipe doesn't need crack added.

I have been reading Powerful Hunger authored by Dagny Kight,
(a book you should pick up by the way) and in it she tackles some of these exact points. This woman really knows her stuff and she is maintaining an over 170 lb weight loss of proof of that effort. Her empowering, no-nonsense approach to obesity and overcoming obesity is really a breath of fresh air in an arena of myths and flat out lies. Her latest YouTube post, Release the Weight of Shame, really resonated with me. You've got to see it for yourself.

You're not fat because you're broken. When the zombie apocalypse comes, these fat storage, food seeking genes will be all the rage again. Be kind to yourself no matter what side of the fight you are on. Stay strong!


  1. I just hope those genes haven't slowed me down so bad that by the time the Zombies get here, the only fast thing I will be is food.

  2. Damn. I got a PhD in fat storage.

  3. Totally agree with this post. In fact I read this book before surgery and it talks about those food terrorists and how their job is to make it as addicting as possible (think cocaine addiction...)
    Anyway, I blogged about it (a long time ago) if you are interested...

    1. Sheila, I also read Dr. Kessler's book. He was one of the first authoritative voices to start turning a spotlight on the ways food is deliberately engineered to be addictive. It's to be expected that food processors will produce what SELLS.

      In dealing with this food environment, Dr. Kessler offers the usual health warnings and having "rules" for eating. By now, most of us are already aware of such admonitions; implementing them is the issue. That's where my book comes in! I hope you'll consider reading it!


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