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Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Giveaway

Hi guys,
This is a short and sweet post to let you know that I will be hosting a giveaway. My good friend, Amelia, of DIY Amelia on Etsy  has offered up an absolutely adorable cupcake charm for you to win. This one of a kind, handcrafted charm will be dangling from a 20 inch chain, but I suggest that you tuck it inside your shirt as Waning Woman a known cupcake bandit is on the loose! Watch out there now!!!!!

You can enter on rafflecopter and there are several ways to earn entries. Minimally, all you have to do is comment and you're entered 10 times, but there are multiple options including extra entries for those of you that follow me on twitter, fan page, etc. Check out my Facebook fanpage this week for a few more chances to enter.

 Make sure that you stop by Amelia's Etsy shop and her FB page to see more of her handiwork.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Cool new food finds at Sprouts

These aren't new, just pretty. I heart plums

Witch Finger grapes!

They DO taste like cotton candy.

Never seen a dragonfruit or horned melon in person. 

looks artichokesque

and finally, Broke Ass Wines!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Phoenix, Queens, and Ameriwell Bariatrics

Long time no see!
 Phoenix was a blizzast! I had so much fun I was ready to leave and whining like a stressed out 3yo in need of a sippy cup, a quiet corner, AND a spanking the last night I was there. Y'all know I do not know how to act. My stunt queen swag was on full attack. I never thought that I would be funned out, though.

I went and got mahself a lotta edgeumacation in the general and breakout sessions. One of my absolute favorite sessions was with Gary Foster, Weighing Success Beyond the Scale: Identifying and Maintaining a Healthy Weight. he addressed a ton of great points in his discussion and I said that he may have been the best "motivation" speaker there. I use quotes because he wasn't there in that capacity, he is doctor.
This is one point that he touched on: Often you hear people say, "Well, I want to weight what I weighed when I was in college/got married/graduated/before I had my kids when I was stripping" etc.
I have a newsflash for you! You may not necessarily be able to weigh what you weighed then because chances are your life is radically different than it was back in the day. 
ding, ding, ding, ding! Bells should be ringing, lights should be going off, and you should be well into your Oprah "aha moment" experience.
You could weight what you weighed then because you didn't have kids, a husband, a wife, a mortgage, a real job, pets, a 401k, crazy in laws, soccer parent duties, etc. You might have been finer than frog hair split three ways your senior year in college and you're STRUGGLING to see that weight again 10-20 years after the fact. Don't feel bad about not being able to attain that. I'm here to tell you that it is ok to be as fine as frog hair (not split) or even just a big toe hair. Me? I'm as fine as am octopus hair and I got the pics to prove it.

Doncha wish yo eyebrows was hot like mine
I told you I had pics to prove it. Although it has been a few years since I channeled my inner queen with such fervent ferocity, the good samaritans at the OAC gave me a venue to blow the dust off of my makeup sticks and my can of aquanet to bring you the timeless beauty you see above. Talk about fishy realness.
Hastag fabulous!
Hashtag  werk!
Hashtag FWM!
Hastag ###!
When Maleficent looks in the mirror and asks who is the fairest of them all, the mirror looks at her and just flashes a picture of my awesome. #KillYoself  I'm totally mashing up my Disney movies right now. Anywhoo.
Seriously though, my Ursula the Sea Witch costume.....wait, I do it a disservice my calling it a costume. Let me try again...ahem
Seriously though. the Ursula the Sea Witch experience I was serving up was so "turnt up" that I actually won a registration to next years conference in Orlando. I am officially the first person registered for #ymw2014! I'd like to officially thank the academy, drag queens everywhere, and Black hair stores run my Asians.

While in Phoenix, I got to connect with one of my favorite vendors, Ameriwell Bariatrics. They have two really cool products, an effervescent calcium and a gelatin multivitamin. They make taking your vitamins fun! My friend Shana, Lady Gaga in the picture above, said of the calcium "It is like a parade of bubbly lemonheads in my mouth"

And you can try some yourself because they have generously offered up a prize box packed with goodies for fans and readers!

I'm using RaffleCopter so that you have a NUMBER of chances to enter. The only one that is mandatory, is leaving a blog comment. Also, keep your eyes peeled for extra chances to win by commenting on official entry threads on my Facebook Fan Page. RaffleCopter will be there too. Look for the new tab.

Have fun and be safe you cool kids.
I'm out like Miley's ass.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

All of Me- A documentary

 If you're in the Dallas area first of all I'd like to invite you to my support group meeting this morning from 10:30 to 12:00 at Wilshire Baptist Church, 4316 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX. The church allows us to use the facilities free of charge and that is why the meetings are held there. I promise you, believers, atheists, pantheists, agnostics, heathen, pagan, even crazy Church of Christ people are ALL welcome to attend.
There will be Ethiopian food after.

This evening, from 6-9,  is the event that I am super, super, excited about. I mean "Waning Woman in a cupcake store with a blank check when its not Ramadan" excited. The first ever, weight loss support group screening of the groundbreaking documentary

This description is taken right from their Facebook fan page.
The “Girls” have been friends—and morbidly obese—for years. Their bond goes deep and wide, literally and figuratively. They are smart, intuitive, complex, warm, and compelling and speak openly about their inner lives. The Girls met via the Austin chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and partied together among Austin’s Big Beautiful Women community. Meanwhile, they tried every diet and every pill. Now they’re going through the life-changing process of weight-loss surgery in an effort to lose hundreds of pounds. The experience presents a host of issues and consequences—some they knew they were in for, some they feared, and some they never could have imagined.

In attendance will be one of the stars of the documentary, Dawn. How cool is that?

Check out these links to read what others have to say about this film.

Shana Hardin via her blog ShanaSparkles

The LA Times

Check out a link to snippet of the film on Youtube

Once again, the screening is today, August 10th from 6-9 at Hitt Auditorium, 1441 N. Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, July 29, 2013


 I didn't go to my first post-surgical support group until more than a year after my vertical sleeve gastrectomy. In all honesty though, I don't necessarily know if you need to have an extensive support network when the weight loss is easy. I know I didn't, but now that I think about it, I have a totally different experience than a lot of others, and that may explain my own personal need. Your mileage may vary. This blog post is totally going somewhere else than my original intention of talking about support groups and it is starting now.

I wasn't fat my whole life. My weight problems started with my son't pregnancy and they just spiraled out of control after that. I was fat for a few years, but even that was just too much for me
After bariatric surgery, were no sudden adjustments to seeing myself as I never did before. The size that I am now, I've been this size before.
There was no sudden adjustment to people treating me differently ( opening doors or offering to buy cars drinks, etc). I have dealt with all of this before. It wasn't uncomfortable.
Catty stares?....... That's nothing
"Oh she thinks she's all of that."......Try better
Getting "hated" on.......I keep my hater blockers in my pocket. That don't faze me!
I'm on the phone with my hater breaking crew, wearing my hater repellent flower in my hair, and hater blocker shades that I hope would make Morgan Fairchild proud.
On the contrary, the extra weight I was carrying was foreign to me. Being trapped in a body which had formerly granted me the freedom to do whatever the hell I wanted was depressing. I never wanted to leave the house.
Being invisible, a nobody, a nothing is painful, but not being seen is better than being judged.

Once I had weight loss surgery, I was the new "old me". Back to being exactly who I was.

But if a weight loss surgery patient has been fat most of their life there is no new "old" me to go back to. It isn't familiar territory.
Just new "new" me.

I cannot imagine what that must be like and I cannot imagine doing that on my own. It's probably as dramatic as being Black your while life and then walking out of the hospital as White. I'm not kidding when I say I think it is that dramatic. I would need a lot of hand holding, a lot of shoulders to cry on, and a lot of people telling me that it would be ok.

I can see myself wanting to go back to the old me, because that's all I would know. Damn, this blog post is really making me understand other's motivations, thoughts, reasons. Right up until this very moment, I never understood self sabotaging behaviors.
It is better to be smaller, isn't it? Why would anybody want to go back to being fat?

They would want to go back to being fat, because I would want to go back to being Black.

I can't judge her anymore than she can judge me.
I can't judge the woman who goes back to her abusive husband.
I am no better than anybody else. I've said it my whole life, but understanding it, having the fucking light bulb light up and come crashing down on your head, it is emotional.
I can't judge and if it has ever felt like I have. I apologize to you.
I apologize for the people who have judged you.
Let's just hold one another up.

I have a wonderful group of people who do exactly that for me. My Dallas area support group, After the Cut. We don't just focus on life after weight loss surgery, but life in and of itself. We are doing 5ks, Rangers games, boxing classes, and delicious Opian foods lunches. Find time on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month to come out and join us. I would love to see you there.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: SHOES!

Well, I am OFFICIALLY going to the OAC (Obesity Action Coalition) conference in Phoenix next month.

AAAAAND, you know I can't go anywhere without bringing the shebang.....cause ya girl, she bangs!

I figured I'd do a WWWW (Waning Woman Wordless Wednesday) post and show you some of the shoes that I picked up today from Fredericks of Hollywood for next to nothing.

Oh yeah, I'm back in Onderland.. Ramadan 2013 in effect. I'll blog about that really soon.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Your Weight Matters: 2013 Obesity Action Coalition Conference

The OAC, Obesity Action Committee, had their inaugural event in Dallas last year and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I've been to a few conferences before but the experiences are as varied as the agenda of the different organizations, are there are a lot of different organizations. Coming into the community you see quite a few letters thrown around and it can be confusing as all hell. I had thought I had an idea what the OAC was about (Fighting Obesity, duh?!) but it wasn't until I was there that I really understood.

I know that this sounds corny, but the OAC is right there on the front lines.
We are trying to change the way that obesity/obesity related stigma is dealt with on a sweeping level from municipal to federal.
We're infiltrating The Hill, your State Representatives' offices, even your Senators'
We are the people that you DON'T see.

I bet you didn't know that the OAC is behind getting Medicare coverage for the Sleeve, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Did you know that the OAC is petitioning our elected leaders to establish a Congressional Treat Obesity Caucus? Like most people, you probably didn't even realize there was a need for one because the need seems obvious. They have them for salmon and even algae, but not obesity? With a few simple clicks you can even send a letter/email to your representative and get them on board by inputting little more than your name and zip code.

Have you heard about those wellness plans many companies are initiating with their group health coverage? Insurance rates are soaring and there is the thought that incentivizing (eg. weight loss) or penalizing (eg weight gain) certain standards can help with overall costs. Sounds good right? They are just encouraging us to be healthy.
The truth is shaming and bribery don't work and you are a fool if you think this is anything but that.
In some instances, they will penalize shame you for having a BMI over 30 but then turn right around and not even offer any sort of health coverage to help you shed the weight.

The OAC is tirelessly advocating and acting to stop many discriminatory policies like these. Action is our middle name.

You can join the OAC too and go to the conference in Phoenix this year. Be a part of the "We"

I want to be a part of the "We" but I will need your help to get there. The OAC is sponsoring a blogger recruitment contest and all I need is for ten of you to put my name in the referral spot. It's that simple. Then I will have a chance to attend the conference for free. Go register. You know you want to be a part of this.

If you have already registered, send an email to and tell them to put Waning Woman/Kesha in the referral spot. The recruitment contest ends July 15 so get those registrations in.

Spread the word about this incredible event. #YWM2013

You wanna be there. Trust me.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

So I got a colonic the other day...

This is me on the table

I've been on Groupon like crazy lately so when I saw a "INFRARED WRAP LOSE A MILLION POUNDS IN JUST 45 MINUTES PLUS A SESSION OF COLON HYDROTHERAPY FOR JUST 29.99" I had to try it. I know better of course but curiosity is a mother!

Let me tell you about the wrap first.
I arrived at the office filled out a few forms and I went into a room where I changed into sweatpants and  long sleeve shirt. After donning the exquisitely fashinable garb, I went into the room where they put on some Enya-esque music and old me to lay on a table. The wrap isn't really a mummy like wrap so much as it is a big ass electric blanket. So they burritoed me, and before I knew it, my ass was being woken up 45 minutes later soaked from head to toe. That was it. The heat put me right to sleep and I woke up needing a change of clothes. Not unlike a the last time I went to Cancun...... but instead of heat it was mezcal and instead of a change of clothes it was a new identity, but that's a whole other story. Anyhoo I'd give it 2.5 stars out of 5. I'd do it again if somebody else was paying for it. In all seriousness though even after I rehydrated I've been down a pound and a half. Who knows.

Just a little over a week later, I returned to the same place for my colonic. My brother told me that he'd had one and that afterwards he felt as light as Hugh Jackman on Broadway in a leotard and pointe shoes. Sounds magical right?
Anyway I was whisked into this small room with the LIBBE contraption, TV, candles, and most important on the list- a toilet. The practitioner came into the room, shot the shit with me, talked a little about homeopathic and non traditional medicine, and then left me in the room to get ready.

I stripped from the waist down, put on a t shirt and laid on the table. The good thing about the LIBBE system in that you get to put the nozzle into your own butt. After I was comfortably on the table with tube and my butt and draped for modesty the practitioner came back in, popped in a DVD and instructed me to turn on the machine.
The nozzle that goes in your butt. 
He told me not to bear down, but the first couple of times it was hard not to. The water filled up my lower bowel and I was kinda scared to release because I it felt like the nozzle was going to fly right out of my butt. Luckily it didn't this time and out of me came a dirty tinged, speckled fluid.

After I released I didn't feel relief and I kinda tensed up at the anticipation of the next fill. My toes curled up a little bit as the liquid ascended higher into my colon and I felt the distenstion of my abdomen. In a brief moment of "OMG WTF" panic I almost hopped my Black ass down off of the table after I envisioned the water coursing through my ENTIRE digestive system, through Sleevie, up and out of my esophagus, and down trachea drowning me right there on the table. I didn't die, but with that release I felt beads of sweat pop up on my forehead.

After that point, there really weren't anymore voluntary releases. My sufficiently pissed off colon went into peristalsis and I experienced what I can only describe as throwing up out of my butt.

The time passed by super slowly and then the practitioner came in to check on me and give me a massager to use on my abdomen to break up the pieces. He was a really nice guy, but it seemed like it was taking him forever to plug in the damned thing and I just wanted him to get the hell out of there so I could butt chuck in relative peace. Taking a poo, even a medically induced one, while somebody is talking to you and you're in a supine position is just really, really, really, weird.

After he left I took the massager placed in on the areas of my abdomen where there was cramping to help the hardened material come loose. I think it just pissed off my colon more.

By then, the sweating, fuzzy feeling, was just too much so I turned off the machine a little before my 45 minutes were up. He came in finished me up by turning the machine to cold to tighten me back up and as soon as he left I jumped up off of the table so that I could let that final fill out on the toilet. I'm going to say this again. Letting your bowels go while laying down just feels wrong. I felt better sitting on familiar territory. Once my insides stopped quivering and pulsating, I washed down and got dressed.

In summary there was nothing magical about it. There was no lego from toddlerhood that showed up in the viewtube, no gum from 4th grade, in fact there was nothing that came out that was extraordinary or remarkable.I also didn't magically lose 5 pounds. 
I was wore out. Instead of Hugh Jackman in pointe shoes I felt like Huge Jackman, porn star extraordinaire after a world record desperate need of a hosedown, a good ass nap and a contract to self promising not to put nothing in my butt for the next 6 months.
I give this 1.5 stars out of 5. I am about a pound lighter but I wouldn't do it again if YOU paid for it.

Note to self: Just use Miralax next time. Same effect and much cheaper

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two VERY popular beliefs especially in the WLS community

I went to The Vitamin Shoppe to get a few things to put into the FAN APPRECIATION BOX GIVEAWAY and at the register they handed me a complimentary
copy of their magazine, Amazing Wellness.

Click me for a link to the article!

I don't normally read these magazines because I think that more often than not its the same recycled  reduced, and reused drivel that you see everywhere else. As I flipped through and came to the article "Weight Loss Myths Debunked" I sure as hell wasn't expecting to see anything that resonated with me. I was expecting to see asinine myths like...

"A pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat"

"Once you start dieting you can never eat out!"

"Grapefruit makes you lose more weight than other foods"

Instead I saw this...

Myth Number 2: Rapid weight loss is associated with poorer long term weight loss outcomes.

Myth Number 3: You have to be ready.

I'm going to start with Number 3 "You have to be ready"

I'm a moderator on a a Gastric Sleeve Support group on Facebook and the question that pops up the most is "What do I need to do to get ready for surgery?"
You know what I tell people? EAT!!!
Enjoy your whole stomach because you will never be able to eat the same again. Sure life is better and easier to tackle smaller, but there are days even 3 years out where I will put down my fork pissed off that Sleevie is so full I can't even swallow the food that I'm currently chewing and I have to spit it out. Honestly,  there are times that I miss being able to eat the way that I used to. I don't miss anything else about being fat. It's akin to missing an old lover. Sure he may have been unreliable and moody with poor credit, living in his mama's basement surrounded by sit he called "art" and you know you're better off without, but dam he sure could ________. Fill in your own blank. No relationship is all good or all bad. Even the one with food.

I've been accused of encouraging the wrong type of behavior and that as I leader I should encourage people to make healthier lifestyle choices. BUT having surgery is a healthy lifestyle choice and it will  kick your ass into gear. If you want to go an austere eating plan before surgery, I will NEVER discourage you. If you ask me what I think, that's another story.
Getting ready for bariatric surgery means researching ALL available options, making sure that you have a competent board certified surgeon, and following the presurgery eating plan that your surgeon advises.

This is verbatim what  the article says.
"...researchers point to convincing data showing that when “readiness” is evaluated among folks who sign up for behavioral programs or undergo obesity surgery, where someone falls on a “readiness scale” used to determine motivation does not predict how closely someone will stick to a program or the amount of weight that will be lost..."
There you have it. The thoughts I've had in my head all along are finally supported by research in black and white.

On to Myth Number 2 "Rapid weight loss is associated with poorer long term weight loss outcomes."

I've lost weight fast and I've lost weight slow. I did not keep if off better losing it fast. In fact losing less than a pound a week was a DISASTER for me and I ended up just throwing it all out of the windows..and doors, too and went on a bender! I know that there are those who will tell me that living and eating healthy is its own reward, but I'm sorry, I need to see my efforts. Fuck that! I'm a human, not an android. They think that eating well leads to weight loss but I find that for myself weight loss leads to eating well. If I can drop a couple of pounds in a couple of days, that is major encouragement for me to keep the momentum going and give up CUPCAKES for key lime protein shakes. And before you even go there I'm not talking about extended Master Cleanses or any other bullshit like that. We ALL know that stuff like that isn't sustainable. A few days of protein shakes, followed by a few days of soft foods, etc...that is reasonable.

This ties back into the point in the earlier paragraph about "getting ready". The initial weight loss after bariatric surgery is so rapid and exciting you wanna do what you are supposed to do to keep it up. You're ready when that weight starts falling off.

So, why don't you check out that article for yourself and tell me what you think in the comments.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Winner of the Powerful Hunger Giveaway is


Please send Dagny an email with your contact information so that you can be the proud owner of your very own electronic copy of the book.

Thanks to ALL who entered.

FYI I'm currently having a fan appreciation giveaway on the Waning Woman Facebook Page. It is STILL open so look for your chance to enter today. The box has a lot of great items including a pair of cupcake earrings!!!!!!

So scoot on over to facebook.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ten Things You Should Know About Losing Weight

I just watched the most. (overuse of "amazing" in 5....4....3...2...1)

His life was just changed. That's no sun, that's a lightbulb going off

documentary on KERA about weight loss. It's not one of those stupid, condescending, eat-less-move-more, kind of shows. There is real bonafide science behind this here thang!

While it is not about weight loss surgery, it actually explains a few key points in post op eating.

1. Protein first

2. No water with meals

Skip to about minute 25 for reasearch that explains why we shouldn't eat and drink at the same time.

Watch this thing from beginning to end. I beg you!

Image courtesy of [image creator name] /

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gaining Weight

Well, hell.

Alice isn't in Wonderland anymore.

I am today, but I wasn't yesterday or the day before that. I had to text my friend Shana yesterday and tell her that I was thisclose to falling out on the floor and having a world class, kindergartner in the corner, "Bitch, don't do me!" kind of meltdown. Not a screaming fit....a guttural wail, no-bones-in-my-body, melt and collapse onto the floor like a good Victorian woman, meltdown......."Jeeves, bring the smelling salts and the vapours!"

This was after two days of careful tracking and watching my intake and my weight went up, so I thought I'd earned a right to have that moment. Shana took that away from me when she gave me the "Back away from the edge" encouragement that  needed. I'll never forgive her for that.

I just don't have a lot of wiggle room to work with. Other than my fasting times, I am ALWAYS less than 10 lbs away from kissing onderland goodbye. That is a precarious place to be. It's sooo easy to say that "it's just a number" but how many of you live in this zone AND don't have more weight to lose. For most of you, this is a transitional zone and you wave goodbye to it as you as happily skip to the 180's, 170's, 160's and so  on and so forth. I'm not that lucky.

Save the censure and reprobation for something else and don't tell me that it's just a number and that it's in my head.
It may be just a number, but the psychology of numbers is very well understood.
"Retailers almost never round up because of psychological pricing, the old marketing rule that dictates that consumers are more easily swayed by prices that end with ".99" because they seem substantially cheaper." source
I want to be substantially cheaper! Is that too much to ask?

Is this the normal "bounceback" weight that comes after I reach your nadir or lowest point?
Is this regain?
At what point does it turn into regain?
What's the magic formula? EWL/BMI + shoe size * (GW+CW+NSV)
Is this because I haven't been to the gym in a while?

Hopefully, I'll get this figured out because honestly I don't like the way that I feel in my clothes and I see it. This is not a case of lyzing.

 Do you think that you HAVE to accept some weight gain after the honeymoon period is over?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Powerful Hunger: Inspiration and Provocation. Giveaway

It's dogeared and not really that pretty, but it's the inside that counts

Dagny Kight sent me a copy of her book Powerful Hunger and to say I devoured it is not much of an overstatement. The first day I received it, I sat down by the lake until nightfall reading it. When the sun went down taking the heat and the light with it, I carried it into the house and didn't stop until I was done just about an hour later. Yeah, it's that's good. This is NOT a book about weight loss surgery. Its tools and fundamental ideas are applicable no matter which side of the cut you're on.

I found out earlier this week that both Dagny and her book are nominated for Best Author and Best Book in the Backstage WLS Awards. I thought that this would be a great time to kind of go over a point or two and give my thoughts about some things in the book.

Here's the disclaimer though: Dagny and her style of writing are neither cuddly nor soft. If you're looking for justification for you obesity or a "root cause" you won't find it here.You won't be showered with overly saccharine quotes. This book isn't therapy. It's self help. Maybe even a tiny bit inspirational. But don't you dare tell her I said that.


One point that Dagny touches on in her book is the idea that all things can be eaten in moderation. She gives this idea a resounding "Hell to the no!" Makes you think doesn't it?

She states "We use this word ourselves when we are not ready to break the connection to the foods that drive addictive behavior. We turn to the concept of "moderation" when we want to find a way to continue eating those foods, persisting in the belief that we are immune to the value that they hold over our lives"

And while you guys know that I am the Queen Regnant of Cupcakistan, I have to reluctantly agree. I think that a lot of us, after reaching a normal size want to think that we are normal. We want to eat like someone who has never had a weight problem. The person who has been 120 lbs all of their adult life can eat whatever they want. You have been 120 lbs for the past year. The truth is our outsides don't match our insides and losing weight doesn't not change these hardwired addictive pathways.
One prevailing argument is that while you can abstain from coke/meth/alcohol because you don't need them to live, you can't do the same with food. It is true. You don't need hyperpalatable, scientifically engineered food to live, though. Cupcakes are another story.....for me anyway. This leads me to another key point in her book.

Eating cleanly:

Keeping a very simple diet of mostly whole foods is one of the lanes on the pathway to long term success. She is a cheerleader for steel cut oats, whole eggs, cruciferous vegetables, and whole grains like amaranth. A few other non food items that star in her kitchen are essential to her lifestyle are the George Foreman grill, a wok, a steamer, and the good ole trusty slow cooker.

  I want to tell you more, but I don't want this to end up being a synopsis of her book. I'm just going to briefly list a few quotes that resonated with me.

"Attempting to decipher the past will not change it"
"What needs to be done now?!"
"In a society where thinness is currency, the weight loss surgery patient is viewed as having stolen something of great value"

I really like the last one. As a matter of fact I really enjoyed the book as a whole and it is no surprise that she was nominated.

Anyway, she has so generously offered up either an electronic version or hard copy of the book to one of you lucky readers.

In order to enter the contest:
1. Like the Powerful Hunger FB Fan Page and say "Hi"
2. Leave a comment on this blog post indicating which version you would like if you won.

Edited 4/2: Someone emailed me about privacy concerns on FACEBOOK. Liking either page is NOT mandatory. If you do, you will just get an extra entry. Just comment on this post and you are entered.

For extra entries

Like the Waning Woman FB fan page, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Basically, you get one point for following me on any of my other social media outlets. Just let me know when you comment how many chances you get.

Follow Powerful Hunger on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Same applies here. Just let me know.

I'm not your mama and I don't have time to follow up behind you, so let's just use the honor system. If you win the book and you haven't done what you said you did, I can't guarantee that you won't wake up one night with Dagny menacingly holding a kettlebell in the corner of your bedroom.
 I. Just. Cant.

Closes 4/8/2012

Edited 4/2: Someone emailed me about privacy concerns on FACEBOOK. Liking either page is NOT mandatory. If you do, you will just get an extra entry. Just comment on this post and you are entered.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nominated for Favorite Sleever

Thanks for nominating me guys!

 Now that I've been nominated, can you please take the time to vote and put me in the top spot? Being nominated is an honor, but winning is winning!

If elected I promise to stand for justice, transparency, and equality. I vow to never stop wearing high heels (unless I'm headed to work out!) as I stomp out ratchetness in the ranks of our fair community. I will petition to make "I didn't feel like fucking with y'all today" a reasonable sick day excuse and I will tirelessly crusade to make the eye roll and hair flip an acceptable answer to the statement "You took the easy way out".
I will finally find the answer to the question "Why the hell can I wear a 10 in this but I can't ska-weeze into those 13's???"
Imma do alladat. Just make sure that you vote for me.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

I can't do it all

I wear a lot of hats....and shoes...and vintage coats, too.

5 dollar vintage fab
  • I'm the mom that volunteers two hours a day at her son's school all while dressed to the nines.
  • I'm the mom that works late at night and sometimes doesn't come home until it is time to get my son ready for school.
  • I'm the mom that wants to go to the gym.
  • I'm the fantastically, fanstastic interwebz Super Star Supreme, aka Waning Woman.
  • I'm actively looking for a teaching position in the fall.
  • I'm trying to get together a portfolio with lessons plans, classroom management ideas, etc.
  • I'm doing more than 50 hours of review for the stuff that I already learned for this teaching gig.
  • I'm trying to squeeze in classroom hours in the special ed class at my son's school.
  • I try to cook healthy meals
  • I'm also the woman who is trying to maintain a 150-160 pound weight loss.

During the month of January, I went ahead and bought a highly discounted full year membership at the Rec Center near my house. Two days later, I got called in for a job interview. Two days after that I was offered the job. I have not set foot in the gym more than one time since I started working. That takes me back to number one in my list of things that I am.

I am the woman who goes to Costco on a Saturday morning in her heels. That's me and I cannot make any apologies for the woman that I am. You will NEVER catch me outside of the house in pajama pants or running to Walmart "real quick" in a ratty t-shirt. It should logically follow that if I'm not going to Walmart looking any kind of way I damn sure ain't going to my son's school looking cray cray or...wait for gym clothes. GASP! But I also know that my lazy ass isn't going to pack up a bag of clothes to take to the gym or go home and change. That's why I have worked out exactly one time since I started my job.


Do I want to be the fabulous woman whose clothes might be getting tight or do I want to be the woman who goes to the school in gym clothes but is actively doing something to maintain her loss?
Honestly, even though I know the answer, it isn't as easy as it initially seems.

 I have to choose because I cannot do it all.

No matter what some inspirational, motivational speaker might tell me.

I can't.

But you know what? I'm really ok with that. There isn't anything wrong with me. I think that we need to tell ourselves that it is ok to not be able to do it all.

Say it with me...."It is ok to not be able to do it all"

I'll still be the red lipped, long haired, high heeled mama up in Costco on the weekends and after the school day is over, but I have decided that I have to make a sacrifice. It absolutely cannot be my health.

Maybe I can reclaim my foursquare mayorship.

What is something that you've had to give up to maintain your healthy lifestyle?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Bones

How many new bones have you discovered?

zygomatic bones or cheek bones

patella or kneecap

clavicle or collar bones

not technically bones, but you get it :)

Check out my mandible here!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Liquid diet. I'm doing it and owning it.

My surgiversary is rapidly approaching and because of that I decided to do a liquid diet. I had to do it for two weeks before surgery so I figured that now would be a great time to revisit it. I know that a lot of people in the weight loss surgery community disagree with "dieting" after surgery, but I don't. I stand behind my decision to.

The liquid diet gives me a chance to refocus on what it is that I put in my mouth. I didn't realize how often I would stop by the kitchen and grab a bite of this or a piece of that until I was unable to do it. Grazing is only good if you're a ruminant.

The weight loss will be a beneficial side effect. I was a little higher in my range than I was comfortable with and I know where I am happiest. I can feel a difference in my body when I'm 193 vs 198. To those who say one shouldn't undertake a liquid diet because it doesn't last, I would argue in the case of a weight loss surgery post op it does.  A few weeks of liquids will reset the restriction on my sleeve and I will be back to eating smaller amounts. For me, this renewed restriction will last for months. Also, seeing movement on the scale can be quite a motivator and can encourage one to make healthier lifestyle choices even after the liquid diet is over.

This is my primary reason for deciding to undergo this again, though. People undergo religious fasts as an act of remembrance and reverence, I am undertaking this liquid diet with the same motivation. I don't want to forget.
I don't want to forget where I came from.
I don't want to forget what I went through to be where I am.
I don't want to forget that I have the strength to do it.

I can't forget.

Me writing this blog post
My life depends on it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And the winner of the Chike Giveaway is....


I put that little bit of eyeliner on for you

Trisha!! Trisha, make sure that you message me and get your mailing information out to me so that I can forward it to Chike. Also, make sure that you take a picture and send it to me when you get your package so that I can post it on the FB fanpage.

Thank you ALL for entering. I wish that I had enough stuff to send all of you something. I sincerely mean it. Stick around because we've got a book review and giveaway coming up soon.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chike Iced High Protein Coffee Plus Energy Review and Giveaway

 The boys at Chike  asked me if I'd like to do a formal review of their new iced coffee drink and I jumped at the chance. I tried the product at the OAC conference back in October and they made it in this fancy, schmancy slushee type set up and it was the bomb! But would I be able to make it as spectacularly tasty without the aid of futuristic whizmogigs and the ever adorable Remy in my own kitchen? Well, I was about to find out.

drinking iced protein drink
You see this girl? I can't take her anywhere. We can't blame it on the Chike though.
You can mix it with either milk or water, but I like to use water the first time I make anything so I can get a feel for the baseline of the product. I added about 6 to 7 ounces of water to my slightly futuristic shaker cup (the metal ball in there is made from Unobtanium and parts from a scrapped 747), 4 cubes of ice, the contents of my packet and shook away like I was playing a game of craps that my life depended on. The outcome???

Chike Iced High Protein Coffee is really, really, really good!

I'm not an avowed coffee fan and this stuff right here really knocked my socks off. Because I reviewed the Strawberry Burst product, I had an expectation that it would have a certain level of quality. It's kinda like all water pretty much having the same smooth mouthfeel. The surprise is in the taste. Some of it tastes like rusty ass pipes and river dirt while some of it tastes just like dew from an Alpine tundra. I just didn't know that this  taste like the dew from a ivory coffee cup (made from the tusks of the very last mastodon) sitting in the Alpine tundra. 

Maybe it's the real instant coffee.
Maybe it's the smooth as milk texture.
Maybe it's the no crazy aftertaste.
Maybe it's the incredible stats. 20g protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, only 2g of sugar, 2 espresso shots

I don't know what it it, but I like Chike and now you have the chance to get your very own sample too.

For your mandatory entry comment and tell me that you want in and Like the Chike fanpage and tell them that Waning Woman sent you. It is that simple.

For an additional entries
  1. Tweet, Facebook share about the giveaway making sure to tag @waningwoman and @ilikechike
  2. Blog about the giveaway and send me the link.
  3. Get this segment on your local television station and you will get 100 entries.
  4. Tattoo "I heart Waning Woman and Chike" and you're a shoe in.

In the comments, just let me know how many entries you get. If you're on my fan page look for the official entry thread randomly through the week and every time you comment you get an extra entry. I'll keep track of the FB fanpage ones.

Whatcha waiting for? Enter the giveaway I say!
Contest closes on Tuesday, Jan 22.

Friday, January 4, 2013

BMI is bullshit

....I blurted out to the kind faced lady who'd just asked me a question at the OAC conference. It flew out of my mouth before I knew it, and while I stood behind the veracity of it, the delivery could have done with a little less vitriol. She looked at me and mustered up a feeble, "Ok," as she recomposed herself, having just been verbally beaten by the bellicose, belligerent, Black, belle. Feeling part victorious, part sheepish, I sashayed away still feeling a little surprised at the manner in which I answered the simple question, "Would you like your BMI checked?"

I don't think that BMI alone is an accurate measure of health. BMI is really nothing more than your weight.

Sure they take your weight and your height and put it into some fancy algorithm with some arbitrary number and extrapolate, contrapolate, multivide, and additionate to spit out a new number but it is no different than a weight chart. If you want to use it as some sort of proxy measure for health then you need to take a lot more factors into account or you can just accept that it isn't as good a measure as it might be.

BMI doesn't take body composition into account.

Body Mass Index is notoriously in accurate for athletes and for those who weight train. For these individuals it is quite easy for their weight to be skewed heavily into the overweight and obese categories. Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most lauded bodybuilders of all time......OBESE. You might argue that all you have to do is look at a person to know the difference between fauxbesity (don't you DARE steal my word!!) and real obesity, and that is true. But when things like insurance coverages are based blindly on that number, it is a real problem.


BMI doesn't take body frame into account.

Being big boned is not a myth and all bones don't weight the same regardless of what some snarky social media commenters like to say about it. There are measurable differences in body frame and this translates into measurable differences in weight.
"The standard is to use frame size in conjunction with height/weight charts and add roughly 10% for a large frame and subtract 10% for a small frame. For example, lets say that the ideal weight for a 5'10 man is 160. If a man has a small frame he may be overweight at 165 and should reduce by 10% to 150. In reverse a man with a large frame can be quite healthy at 180 lbs."  source

BMI doesn't take sex or age into account. 

There are evolutionary reasons that we gain weight after birth and with aging. I'll save those for another blog post.

BMI doesn't take race into account.

In layman's language, an Asian and a Caucasian can weigh exactly the same and be the same height, but the Asian is at greater risk for diabetes, hypertention, and other obesity related problems even at a "normal" BMI. 
Black women can weigh more than white women and still be healthy. Research has shown that "elevated BMI poses lower mortality risks for Blacks than Whites." source There is an obesity problem in the Black community and this is no defense or explanation for that. I'm talking about the people who may lie in the overweight portion of the chart and those that are just into the obesity category. Personally, I have NEVER had a normal BMI. In high school when I was a cheerleader, running track, and in the best shape of my life I was "overweight".

BMI doesn't take fabulosity into account.

As I walked the convention floor another lady, bespectacled and wearing a crisp white lab coat, walked up to me and asked, "Would you like your BMI checked?"
I turned to her and kindly replied, "I know what my height is and I know I weigh a hundred and ninety something pounds. I'm well aware that the BMI table says that's that I'm overweight or obese depending on the day of the month. So, no thank you."

Do you know what she said to me?

"Well I think you're beautiful either way."

Waning Woman is sponsored by North Texas Bariatrics


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