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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And the winner of the Chike Giveaway is....


I put that little bit of eyeliner on for you

Trisha!! Trisha, make sure that you message me and get your mailing information out to me so that I can forward it to Chike. Also, make sure that you take a picture and send it to me when you get your package so that I can post it on the FB fanpage.

Thank you ALL for entering. I wish that I had enough stuff to send all of you something. I sincerely mean it. Stick around because we've got a book review and giveaway coming up soon.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chike Iced High Protein Coffee Plus Energy Review and Giveaway

 The boys at Chike  asked me if I'd like to do a formal review of their new iced coffee drink and I jumped at the chance. I tried the product at the OAC conference back in October and they made it in this fancy, schmancy slushee type set up and it was the bomb! But would I be able to make it as spectacularly tasty without the aid of futuristic whizmogigs and the ever adorable Remy in my own kitchen? Well, I was about to find out.

drinking iced protein drink
You see this girl? I can't take her anywhere. We can't blame it on the Chike though.
You can mix it with either milk or water, but I like to use water the first time I make anything so I can get a feel for the baseline of the product. I added about 6 to 7 ounces of water to my slightly futuristic shaker cup (the metal ball in there is made from Unobtanium and parts from a scrapped 747), 4 cubes of ice, the contents of my packet and shook away like I was playing a game of craps that my life depended on. The outcome???

Chike Iced High Protein Coffee is really, really, really good!

I'm not an avowed coffee fan and this stuff right here really knocked my socks off. Because I reviewed the Strawberry Burst product, I had an expectation that it would have a certain level of quality. It's kinda like all water pretty much having the same smooth mouthfeel. The surprise is in the taste. Some of it tastes like rusty ass pipes and river dirt while some of it tastes just like dew from an Alpine tundra. I just didn't know that this  taste like the dew from a ivory coffee cup (made from the tusks of the very last mastodon) sitting in the Alpine tundra. 

Maybe it's the real instant coffee.
Maybe it's the smooth as milk texture.
Maybe it's the no crazy aftertaste.
Maybe it's the incredible stats. 20g protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, only 2g of sugar, 2 espresso shots

I don't know what it it, but I like Chike and now you have the chance to get your very own sample too.

For your mandatory entry comment and tell me that you want in and Like the Chike fanpage and tell them that Waning Woman sent you. It is that simple.

For an additional entries
  1. Tweet, Facebook share about the giveaway making sure to tag @waningwoman and @ilikechike
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  3. Get this segment on your local television station and you will get 100 entries.
  4. Tattoo "I heart Waning Woman and Chike" and you're a shoe in.

In the comments, just let me know how many entries you get. If you're on my fan page look for the official entry thread randomly through the week and every time you comment you get an extra entry. I'll keep track of the FB fanpage ones.

Whatcha waiting for? Enter the giveaway I say!
Contest closes on Tuesday, Jan 22.

Friday, January 4, 2013

BMI is bullshit

....I blurted out to the kind faced lady who'd just asked me a question at the OAC conference. It flew out of my mouth before I knew it, and while I stood behind the veracity of it, the delivery could have done with a little less vitriol. She looked at me and mustered up a feeble, "Ok," as she recomposed herself, having just been verbally beaten by the bellicose, belligerent, Black, belle. Feeling part victorious, part sheepish, I sashayed away still feeling a little surprised at the manner in which I answered the simple question, "Would you like your BMI checked?"

I don't think that BMI alone is an accurate measure of health. BMI is really nothing more than your weight.

Sure they take your weight and your height and put it into some fancy algorithm with some arbitrary number and extrapolate, contrapolate, multivide, and additionate to spit out a new number but it is no different than a weight chart. If you want to use it as some sort of proxy measure for health then you need to take a lot more factors into account or you can just accept that it isn't as good a measure as it might be.

BMI doesn't take body composition into account.

Body Mass Index is notoriously in accurate for athletes and for those who weight train. For these individuals it is quite easy for their weight to be skewed heavily into the overweight and obese categories. Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most lauded bodybuilders of all time......OBESE. You might argue that all you have to do is look at a person to know the difference between fauxbesity (don't you DARE steal my word!!) and real obesity, and that is true. But when things like insurance coverages are based blindly on that number, it is a real problem.


BMI doesn't take body frame into account.

Being big boned is not a myth and all bones don't weight the same regardless of what some snarky social media commenters like to say about it. There are measurable differences in body frame and this translates into measurable differences in weight.
"The standard is to use frame size in conjunction with height/weight charts and add roughly 10% for a large frame and subtract 10% for a small frame. For example, lets say that the ideal weight for a 5'10 man is 160. If a man has a small frame he may be overweight at 165 and should reduce by 10% to 150. In reverse a man with a large frame can be quite healthy at 180 lbs."  source

BMI doesn't take sex or age into account. 

There are evolutionary reasons that we gain weight after birth and with aging. I'll save those for another blog post.

BMI doesn't take race into account.

In layman's language, an Asian and a Caucasian can weigh exactly the same and be the same height, but the Asian is at greater risk for diabetes, hypertention, and other obesity related problems even at a "normal" BMI. 
Black women can weigh more than white women and still be healthy. Research has shown that "elevated BMI poses lower mortality risks for Blacks than Whites." source There is an obesity problem in the Black community and this is no defense or explanation for that. I'm talking about the people who may lie in the overweight portion of the chart and those that are just into the obesity category. Personally, I have NEVER had a normal BMI. In high school when I was a cheerleader, running track, and in the best shape of my life I was "overweight".

BMI doesn't take fabulosity into account.

As I walked the convention floor another lady, bespectacled and wearing a crisp white lab coat, walked up to me and asked, "Would you like your BMI checked?"
I turned to her and kindly replied, "I know what my height is and I know I weigh a hundred and ninety something pounds. I'm well aware that the BMI table says that's that I'm overweight or obese depending on the day of the month. So, no thank you."

Do you know what she said to me?

"Well I think you're beautiful either way."

Waning Woman is sponsored by North Texas Bariatrics


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