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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chike Iced High Protein Coffee Plus Energy Review and Giveaway

 The boys at Chike  asked me if I'd like to do a formal review of their new iced coffee drink and I jumped at the chance. I tried the product at the OAC conference back in October and they made it in this fancy, schmancy slushee type set up and it was the bomb! But would I be able to make it as spectacularly tasty without the aid of futuristic whizmogigs and the ever adorable Remy in my own kitchen? Well, I was about to find out.

drinking iced protein drink
You see this girl? I can't take her anywhere. We can't blame it on the Chike though.
You can mix it with either milk or water, but I like to use water the first time I make anything so I can get a feel for the baseline of the product. I added about 6 to 7 ounces of water to my slightly futuristic shaker cup (the metal ball in there is made from Unobtanium and parts from a scrapped 747), 4 cubes of ice, the contents of my packet and shook away like I was playing a game of craps that my life depended on. The outcome???

Chike Iced High Protein Coffee is really, really, really good!

I'm not an avowed coffee fan and this stuff right here really knocked my socks off. Because I reviewed the Strawberry Burst product, I had an expectation that it would have a certain level of quality. It's kinda like all water pretty much having the same smooth mouthfeel. The surprise is in the taste. Some of it tastes like rusty ass pipes and river dirt while some of it tastes just like dew from an Alpine tundra. I just didn't know that this  taste like the dew from a ivory coffee cup (made from the tusks of the very last mastodon) sitting in the Alpine tundra. 

Maybe it's the real instant coffee.
Maybe it's the smooth as milk texture.
Maybe it's the no crazy aftertaste.
Maybe it's the incredible stats. 20g protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, only 2g of sugar, 2 espresso shots

I don't know what it it, but I like Chike and now you have the chance to get your very own sample too.

For your mandatory entry comment and tell me that you want in and Like the Chike fanpage and tell them that Waning Woman sent you. It is that simple.

For an additional entries
  1. Tweet, Facebook share about the giveaway making sure to tag @waningwoman and @ilikechike
  2. Blog about the giveaway and send me the link.
  3. Get this segment on your local television station and you will get 100 entries.
  4. Tattoo "I heart Waning Woman and Chike" and you're a shoe in.

In the comments, just let me know how many entries you get. If you're on my fan page look for the official entry thread randomly through the week and every time you comment you get an extra entry. I'll keep track of the FB fanpage ones.

Whatcha waiting for? Enter the giveaway I say!
Contest closes on Tuesday, Jan 22.


  1. You tempt me with tat's, but then again I already know the awesomeness of this product, love the guys at Chike.

  2. How about an air brushed tat? On me bum? Would that work??? Haha just kidding! But I def want to try this! I am a COFFEE lover. I have been drinking one well known coffee protein for 3 years now, but with all the talk of this new one I am dying to check it out! ~ ~ Barbra Allgood Myers ( on FB )

  3. I'm interested in checking it out. It would be nice to find a way to combine the coffee love and protein all in one!

  4. I would love to try it!!!!!! I'm a coffeeholic!

  5. I'm letting you know that you are awesome and I plan on telling you that as many times as I can enter! Give me Chike!! - Maria (from FB)

  6. Great giveaway, I definitely want to try Chike! I like them on facebook and left them a comment:

  7. I don't want it - but your review is adorable.

  8. Unobtanium and parts from a scrapped 747...HA HA HA!

    Thanks for my daily laugh. I would like to try many carbs does it have? I could be all smarty and lookitup but I'll just ask you instead. Oh and I already "liked" their page on FB a while back, but I will go and add WW to it! :-)

  9. Yum! I want in! I already like their fb page, but going to add a comment and like yours!

  10. Ok.. So I got the tat but it said I love Chicks? Does that work lol :) Thank you for my laugh for the day. this is a great blog. PLEASE ENTER ME IN THIS CONTEST!! I soooooo need to win. Thanks :)

  11. 1. I want in!!
    2. I shared the contest on my FB tagging you and Chike!
    3. I gave myself a ink tattoo LMAO (will show ya)
    4. I tweeted the giveaway

  12. Egads it's easier to buy crack than get a free sample of this stuff.

  13. I have Tweeted, Facebooked, and blogged. When Networked Blogs hits, it will all get Tweeted and Facebooked AGAIN!

  14. Hello. I'm excited. I will so FB you. And read you all the tome..

  15. I want in! I already like Chike, but I will post that you sent me back. :)

  16. I want in!! I like Chike too and posted you sent me

  17. Tweeted!

    Now if I only had TV connections or an affinity to tatoos..... ;0)
    amylynnbee22 at gmail dot com

  18. I really really really want to win

  19. Im gonna give it a try!! I love me some coffee (prefer mocha) and it has lots o'protein! Way more then "the others". I didnt see where you reviewed with milk I was wondering how that went?

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