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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Powerful Hunger: Inspiration and Provocation. Giveaway

It's dogeared and not really that pretty, but it's the inside that counts

Dagny Kight sent me a copy of her book Powerful Hunger and to say I devoured it is not much of an overstatement. The first day I received it, I sat down by the lake until nightfall reading it. When the sun went down taking the heat and the light with it, I carried it into the house and didn't stop until I was done just about an hour later. Yeah, it's that's good. This is NOT a book about weight loss surgery. Its tools and fundamental ideas are applicable no matter which side of the cut you're on.

I found out earlier this week that both Dagny and her book are nominated for Best Author and Best Book in the Backstage WLS Awards. I thought that this would be a great time to kind of go over a point or two and give my thoughts about some things in the book.

Here's the disclaimer though: Dagny and her style of writing are neither cuddly nor soft. If you're looking for justification for you obesity or a "root cause" you won't find it here.You won't be showered with overly saccharine quotes. This book isn't therapy. It's self help. Maybe even a tiny bit inspirational. But don't you dare tell her I said that.


One point that Dagny touches on in her book is the idea that all things can be eaten in moderation. She gives this idea a resounding "Hell to the no!" Makes you think doesn't it?

She states "We use this word ourselves when we are not ready to break the connection to the foods that drive addictive behavior. We turn to the concept of "moderation" when we want to find a way to continue eating those foods, persisting in the belief that we are immune to the value that they hold over our lives"

And while you guys know that I am the Queen Regnant of Cupcakistan, I have to reluctantly agree. I think that a lot of us, after reaching a normal size want to think that we are normal. We want to eat like someone who has never had a weight problem. The person who has been 120 lbs all of their adult life can eat whatever they want. You have been 120 lbs for the past year. The truth is our outsides don't match our insides and losing weight doesn't not change these hardwired addictive pathways.
One prevailing argument is that while you can abstain from coke/meth/alcohol because you don't need them to live, you can't do the same with food. It is true. You don't need hyperpalatable, scientifically engineered food to live, though. Cupcakes are another story.....for me anyway. This leads me to another key point in her book.

Eating cleanly:

Keeping a very simple diet of mostly whole foods is one of the lanes on the pathway to long term success. She is a cheerleader for steel cut oats, whole eggs, cruciferous vegetables, and whole grains like amaranth. A few other non food items that star in her kitchen are essential to her lifestyle are the George Foreman grill, a wok, a steamer, and the good ole trusty slow cooker.

  I want to tell you more, but I don't want this to end up being a synopsis of her book. I'm just going to briefly list a few quotes that resonated with me.

"Attempting to decipher the past will not change it"
"What needs to be done now?!"
"In a society where thinness is currency, the weight loss surgery patient is viewed as having stolen something of great value"

I really like the last one. As a matter of fact I really enjoyed the book as a whole and it is no surprise that she was nominated.

Anyway, she has so generously offered up either an electronic version or hard copy of the book to one of you lucky readers.

In order to enter the contest:
1. Like the Powerful Hunger FB Fan Page and say "Hi"
2. Leave a comment on this blog post indicating which version you would like if you won.

Edited 4/2: Someone emailed me about privacy concerns on FACEBOOK. Liking either page is NOT mandatory. If you do, you will just get an extra entry. Just comment on this post and you are entered.

For extra entries

Like the Waning Woman FB fan page, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Basically, you get one point for following me on any of my other social media outlets. Just let me know when you comment how many chances you get.

Follow Powerful Hunger on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Same applies here. Just let me know.

I'm not your mama and I don't have time to follow up behind you, so let's just use the honor system. If you win the book and you haven't done what you said you did, I can't guarantee that you won't wake up one night with Dagny menacingly holding a kettlebell in the corner of your bedroom.
 I. Just. Cant.

Closes 4/8/2012

Edited 4/2: Someone emailed me about privacy concerns on FACEBOOK. Liking either page is NOT mandatory. If you do, you will just get an extra entry. Just comment on this post and you are entered.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nominated for Favorite Sleever

Thanks for nominating me guys!

 Now that I've been nominated, can you please take the time to vote and put me in the top spot? Being nominated is an honor, but winning is winning!

If elected I promise to stand for justice, transparency, and equality. I vow to never stop wearing high heels (unless I'm headed to work out!) as I stomp out ratchetness in the ranks of our fair community. I will petition to make "I didn't feel like fucking with y'all today" a reasonable sick day excuse and I will tirelessly crusade to make the eye roll and hair flip an acceptable answer to the statement "You took the easy way out".
I will finally find the answer to the question "Why the hell can I wear a 10 in this but I can't ska-weeze into those 13's???"
Imma do alladat. Just make sure that you vote for me.

Vote Here!

Stop by tomorrow and check out my review of Dagny Kight's book Powerful Hunger. She was nominated for both Favorite Author and Best Book.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I can't do it all

I wear a lot of hats....and shoes...and vintage coats, too.

5 dollar vintage fab
  • I'm the mom that volunteers two hours a day at her son's school all while dressed to the nines.
  • I'm the mom that works late at night and sometimes doesn't come home until it is time to get my son ready for school.
  • I'm the mom that wants to go to the gym.
  • I'm the fantastically, fanstastic interwebz Super Star Supreme, aka Waning Woman.
  • I'm actively looking for a teaching position in the fall.
  • I'm trying to get together a portfolio with lessons plans, classroom management ideas, etc.
  • I'm doing more than 50 hours of review for the stuff that I already learned for this teaching gig.
  • I'm trying to squeeze in classroom hours in the special ed class at my son's school.
  • I try to cook healthy meals
  • I'm also the woman who is trying to maintain a 150-160 pound weight loss.

During the month of January, I went ahead and bought a highly discounted full year membership at the Rec Center near my house. Two days later, I got called in for a job interview. Two days after that I was offered the job. I have not set foot in the gym more than one time since I started working. That takes me back to number one in my list of things that I am.

I am the woman who goes to Costco on a Saturday morning in her heels. That's me and I cannot make any apologies for the woman that I am. You will NEVER catch me outside of the house in pajama pants or running to Walmart "real quick" in a ratty t-shirt. It should logically follow that if I'm not going to Walmart looking any kind of way I damn sure ain't going to my son's school looking cray cray or...wait for gym clothes. GASP! But I also know that my lazy ass isn't going to pack up a bag of clothes to take to the gym or go home and change. That's why I have worked out exactly one time since I started my job.


Do I want to be the fabulous woman whose clothes might be getting tight or do I want to be the woman who goes to the school in gym clothes but is actively doing something to maintain her loss?
Honestly, even though I know the answer, it isn't as easy as it initially seems.

 I have to choose because I cannot do it all.

No matter what some inspirational, motivational speaker might tell me.

I can't.

But you know what? I'm really ok with that. There isn't anything wrong with me. I think that we need to tell ourselves that it is ok to not be able to do it all.

Say it with me...."It is ok to not be able to do it all"

I'll still be the red lipped, long haired, high heeled mama up in Costco on the weekends and after the school day is over, but I have decided that I have to make a sacrifice. It absolutely cannot be my health.

Maybe I can reclaim my foursquare mayorship.

What is something that you've had to give up to maintain your healthy lifestyle?

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