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Monday, March 25, 2013

I can't do it all

I wear a lot of hats....and shoes...and vintage coats, too.

5 dollar vintage fab
  • I'm the mom that volunteers two hours a day at her son's school all while dressed to the nines.
  • I'm the mom that works late at night and sometimes doesn't come home until it is time to get my son ready for school.
  • I'm the mom that wants to go to the gym.
  • I'm the fantastically, fanstastic interwebz Super Star Supreme, aka Waning Woman.
  • I'm actively looking for a teaching position in the fall.
  • I'm trying to get together a portfolio with lessons plans, classroom management ideas, etc.
  • I'm doing more than 50 hours of review for the stuff that I already learned for this teaching gig.
  • I'm trying to squeeze in classroom hours in the special ed class at my son's school.
  • I try to cook healthy meals
  • I'm also the woman who is trying to maintain a 150-160 pound weight loss.

During the month of January, I went ahead and bought a highly discounted full year membership at the Rec Center near my house. Two days later, I got called in for a job interview. Two days after that I was offered the job. I have not set foot in the gym more than one time since I started working. That takes me back to number one in my list of things that I am.

I am the woman who goes to Costco on a Saturday morning in her heels. That's me and I cannot make any apologies for the woman that I am. You will NEVER catch me outside of the house in pajama pants or running to Walmart "real quick" in a ratty t-shirt. It should logically follow that if I'm not going to Walmart looking any kind of way I damn sure ain't going to my son's school looking cray cray or...wait for gym clothes. GASP! But I also know that my lazy ass isn't going to pack up a bag of clothes to take to the gym or go home and change. That's why I have worked out exactly one time since I started my job.


Do I want to be the fabulous woman whose clothes might be getting tight or do I want to be the woman who goes to the school in gym clothes but is actively doing something to maintain her loss?
Honestly, even though I know the answer, it isn't as easy as it initially seems.

 I have to choose because I cannot do it all.

No matter what some inspirational, motivational speaker might tell me.

I can't.

But you know what? I'm really ok with that. There isn't anything wrong with me. I think that we need to tell ourselves that it is ok to not be able to do it all.

Say it with me...."It is ok to not be able to do it all"

I'll still be the red lipped, long haired, high heeled mama up in Costco on the weekends and after the school day is over, but I have decided that I have to make a sacrifice. It absolutely cannot be my health.

Maybe I can reclaim my foursquare mayorship.

What is something that you've had to give up to maintain your healthy lifestyle?


  1. We all need to stop listening to "motivation, inspiration." It compels us to judge ourselves by what we THINK others are doing.

    that shit's crazeee.

    1. THINK is the operative word. Too many people perpetuate the facade and reality is NOT what they want you to believe it is.

  2. It is ok to not be able to do it all!! I think that its impossible to do it all, because the "all list" is the ideal, and its hard to be perfect (cough cough - even someone like you!! haha) all the time.

    Pick your battles, smooth out the bumps and add in what you can when you can. Heels or no heels! haha!

  3. Do you know what impresses me than the mom dressed to the nines? The one that gets her workout in AND also dresses to the nines. :) Great realization, and I'll have to think about mine.


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