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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nominated for Favorite Sleever

Thanks for nominating me guys!

 Now that I've been nominated, can you please take the time to vote and put me in the top spot? Being nominated is an honor, but winning is winning!

If elected I promise to stand for justice, transparency, and equality. I vow to never stop wearing high heels (unless I'm headed to work out!) as I stomp out ratchetness in the ranks of our fair community. I will petition to make "I didn't feel like fucking with y'all today" a reasonable sick day excuse and I will tirelessly crusade to make the eye roll and hair flip an acceptable answer to the statement "You took the easy way out".
I will finally find the answer to the question "Why the hell can I wear a 10 in this but I can't ska-weeze into those 13's???"
Imma do alladat. Just make sure that you vote for me.

Vote Here!

Stop by tomorrow and check out my review of Dagny Kight's book Powerful Hunger. She was nominated for both Favorite Author and Best Book.

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