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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ten Things You Should Know About Losing Weight

I just watched the most. (overuse of "amazing" in 5....4....3...2...1)

His life was just changed. That's no sun, that's a lightbulb going off

documentary on KERA about weight loss. It's not one of those stupid, condescending, eat-less-move-more, kind of shows. There is real bonafide science behind this here thang!

While it is not about weight loss surgery, it actually explains a few key points in post op eating.

1. Protein first

2. No water with meals

Skip to about minute 25 for reasearch that explains why we shouldn't eat and drink at the same time.

Watch this thing from beginning to end. I beg you!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gaining Weight

Well, hell.

Alice isn't in Wonderland anymore.

I am today, but I wasn't yesterday or the day before that. I had to text my friend Shana yesterday and tell her that I was thisclose to falling out on the floor and having a world class, kindergartner in the corner, "Bitch, don't do me!" kind of meltdown. Not a screaming fit....a guttural wail, no-bones-in-my-body, melt and collapse onto the floor like a good Victorian woman, meltdown......."Jeeves, bring the smelling salts and the vapours!"

This was after two days of careful tracking and watching my intake and my weight went up, so I thought I'd earned a right to have that moment. Shana took that away from me when she gave me the "Back away from the edge" encouragement that  needed. I'll never forgive her for that.

I just don't have a lot of wiggle room to work with. Other than my fasting times, I am ALWAYS less than 10 lbs away from kissing onderland goodbye. That is a precarious place to be. It's sooo easy to say that "it's just a number" but how many of you live in this zone AND don't have more weight to lose. For most of you, this is a transitional zone and you wave goodbye to it as you as happily skip to the 180's, 170's, 160's and so  on and so forth. I'm not that lucky.

Save the censure and reprobation for something else and don't tell me that it's just a number and that it's in my head.
It may be just a number, but the psychology of numbers is very well understood.
"Retailers almost never round up because of psychological pricing, the old marketing rule that dictates that consumers are more easily swayed by prices that end with ".99" because they seem substantially cheaper." source
I want to be substantially cheaper! Is that too much to ask?

Is this the normal "bounceback" weight that comes after I reach your nadir or lowest point?
Is this regain?
At what point does it turn into regain?
What's the magic formula? EWL/BMI + shoe size * (GW+CW+NSV)
Is this because I haven't been to the gym in a while?

Hopefully, I'll get this figured out because honestly I don't like the way that I feel in my clothes and I see it. This is not a case of lyzing.

 Do you think that you HAVE to accept some weight gain after the honeymoon period is over?

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