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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two VERY popular beliefs especially in the WLS community

I went to The Vitamin Shoppe to get a few things to put into the FAN APPRECIATION BOX GIVEAWAY and at the register they handed me a complimentary
copy of their magazine, Amazing Wellness.

Click me for a link to the article!

I don't normally read these magazines because I think that more often than not its the same recycled  reduced, and reused drivel that you see everywhere else. As I flipped through and came to the article "Weight Loss Myths Debunked" I sure as hell wasn't expecting to see anything that resonated with me. I was expecting to see asinine myths like...

"A pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat"

"Once you start dieting you can never eat out!"

"Grapefruit makes you lose more weight than other foods"

Instead I saw this...

Myth Number 2: Rapid weight loss is associated with poorer long term weight loss outcomes.

Myth Number 3: You have to be ready.

I'm going to start with Number 3 "You have to be ready"

I'm a moderator on a a Gastric Sleeve Support group on Facebook and the question that pops up the most is "What do I need to do to get ready for surgery?"
You know what I tell people? EAT!!!
Enjoy your whole stomach because you will never be able to eat the same again. Sure life is better and easier to tackle smaller, but there are days even 3 years out where I will put down my fork pissed off that Sleevie is so full I can't even swallow the food that I'm currently chewing and I have to spit it out. Honestly,  there are times that I miss being able to eat the way that I used to. I don't miss anything else about being fat. It's akin to missing an old lover. Sure he may have been unreliable and moody with poor credit, living in his mama's basement surrounded by sit he called "art" and you know you're better off without, but dam he sure could ________. Fill in your own blank. No relationship is all good or all bad. Even the one with food.

I've been accused of encouraging the wrong type of behavior and that as I leader I should encourage people to make healthier lifestyle choices. BUT having surgery is a healthy lifestyle choice and it will  kick your ass into gear. If you want to go an austere eating plan before surgery, I will NEVER discourage you. If you ask me what I think, that's another story.
Getting ready for bariatric surgery means researching ALL available options, making sure that you have a competent board certified surgeon, and following the presurgery eating plan that your surgeon advises.

This is verbatim what  the article says.
"...researchers point to convincing data showing that when “readiness” is evaluated among folks who sign up for behavioral programs or undergo obesity surgery, where someone falls on a “readiness scale” used to determine motivation does not predict how closely someone will stick to a program or the amount of weight that will be lost..."
There you have it. The thoughts I've had in my head all along are finally supported by research in black and white.

On to Myth Number 2 "Rapid weight loss is associated with poorer long term weight loss outcomes."

I've lost weight fast and I've lost weight slow. I did not keep if off better losing it fast. In fact losing less than a pound a week was a DISASTER for me and I ended up just throwing it all out of the windows..and doors, too and went on a bender! I know that there are those who will tell me that living and eating healthy is its own reward, but I'm sorry, I need to see my efforts. Fuck that! I'm a human, not an android. They think that eating well leads to weight loss but I find that for myself weight loss leads to eating well. If I can drop a couple of pounds in a couple of days, that is major encouragement for me to keep the momentum going and give up CUPCAKES for key lime protein shakes. And before you even go there I'm not talking about extended Master Cleanses or any other bullshit like that. We ALL know that stuff like that isn't sustainable. A few days of protein shakes, followed by a few days of soft foods, etc...that is reasonable.

This ties back into the point in the earlier paragraph about "getting ready". The initial weight loss after bariatric surgery is so rapid and exciting you wanna do what you are supposed to do to keep it up. You're ready when that weight starts falling off.

So, why don't you check out that article for yourself and tell me what you think in the comments.


  1. I definitely agree about the losing weight fast helps keep you motivated - I can overlook that brownie when I see that scale going down!! It's definitely challenging during stalls!!

  2. This myth of "slow" weight loss arose from the assumption that if you're losing weight more slowly, you're making better choices and probably eating more of a lifestyle diet as opposed to losing weight faster through some sort of crash diet or making extreme changes. I would argue that the "slow losers" tend to drift off course over time after seeing some initial weight loss, partly because they're not seeing those encouraging new numbers and partly because they're not making the level of change that's going to achieve real results. Their minimal effort just fades away...

  3. I hate it when people come to a WLS board and ask a question and people jump all over them and tell them they aren't ready and because their 'head isn't in the right place', they will fail. The other thing they do is justify their 3, 6 and 12 month "readiness" programs even though studies show that these programs do NOT lead to better outcomes.

    It's not the pre-op prep that leads to better outcomes -- it's the post-op aftercare. You need a program that holds your hand as much as you need every step of the way POST-OP to be successful. Not a program that tortures you pre-op by making you jump through 50 million hoops to get you "ready".


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