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Friday, March 28, 2014

Who keeps you healthy?

       About a week ago I received an invitation from the American Recall Center to participate in their

 "Who Keeps You Healthy?" 


Without a doubt, it is the friends that I have made, those on a parallel path towards finding their own healthy, that have kept me in check. Big puffy heart!

The people in my support group, After the Cut, are the true definition of support. I could call any one of them, one any given day, at any given time and they would be right there to lend an ear, a shoulder, a couple of dollars, or even a crowbar and bat!
Sisterhood of the pedicure! Which one am I?
We just came back from a weekend in Austin and I love those women even more now than I did when we went. We went to a fashion show with Dawn Brooks, karaoked it up Dawn Brooks and Zsalynn Whitworth, and had a private yoga session at the house of THE Abby Lentz. I came back to Dallas on Sunday feeling like Stella, groove back and intact minus the man part. My spirit was renewed just with the power of sisterhood.
The beautiful Abby Lentz and the wonderful breakfast spread she prepared for us!

Shana and Kaitlin lookin purdy!

So thank you Shana, Shawna, Michelle, Michele, Kaitlin, Saundra, Sharon, Patty, Pandora, Michael, Carlos Jeteral, Amelia, Shawn, Fee, Tammy, Brian. You have all been a part of this success in one way or another.
I big puffy heart with glitter and sprinkles love you guys.


  1. Thanks for secret and all ,you are amazing truly ... i follow almost all of your advice's and make my mother do the same so that she can be shape and all . this whole blog post is wonderful so thanks again .


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