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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Guess who's back back back

*in my Eminem voice

I was slipping last year. My blog game got totally pushed to the side so that I could handle real life shit. I had to pull out my big girl draws and everythang. Family, relationships, jobs being handed to me and then snatched away....yeah, it was one of those years that defines your life.

If you've been with me at all before, in typical Waning Woman style, I don't wax poetic about the dramatic changes in my life.

I will tell you........My son is great, I have a fantastic full time job at which I perform at level WIZARD, I have a car, a house, I'm keeping of most of my weight, and I still have most of the friends that I had last time you heard from me. All in all, I'm not doing tooooo shabby. I'm definitively better off than *****************SPOILER ALERT******************Han Solo.

Just dipping my feet back into the water to let you know I've been working on some full fat recipes for all you those of you winning at life, some lower fat recipes for you just skating by, and a vegan recipe or two for you sad, sad, souls. I kid! I kid! You know I love everybody and all of the different foods.
I'm teaming up with ( damn, that's a blast from the past. I practically lived on that site in 2010) to bring you some new content. So keep your ears opened and your eyes peeled. I opened up with a little Marshall. Let me close up with a little Morgan.


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